Closed Case - pH-1, Jay Park, TRADE L, HAON, Sik-K, Woodie Gochild (Official Audio)

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The First-ever H1GHR MUSIC Compilation Album release!
Prod by WOOGIE
Instagram: h1ghrmusic
Facebook: H1GHRMUSICOF...
[H1GHR : RED TAPE] 2020.09.02
[H1GHR : BLUE TAPE] 2020.09.16
#ThePurge #RED_TAPE
#H1GHRMUSIC #하이어뮤직


  1. Arlyssa Warner

    Arlyssa Warner27 days ago

    Does anyone else feel the Yg inspo?

  2. my me mine

    my me mineMonth ago

    Love this song like yeahhh.... It lit and at the same time it bop🤘🤘

  3. Jacobs Sweet Potato

    Jacobs Sweet PotatoMonth ago

    I really love Trade L's part, I may only be a year older but I feel like a proud mom whenever he raps 💀

  4. 이세한

    이세한Month ago


  5. Live life

    Live life2 months ago

    Woodie wtf this fits this swag style now case is closed close case

  6. yin !!!

    yin !!!2 months ago


  7. Hiền Nguyễn

    Hiền Nguyễn2 months ago

    This shit is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Melissa Bee

    Melissa Bee2 months ago

    Two thumbs way up dudes!

  9. sky flowers

    sky flowers2 months ago


  10. Shirley_Solano

    Shirley_Solano2 months ago

    IM IN LOVE 💓

  11. 빔빔

    빔빔2 months ago


  12. top per

    top per2 months ago

    Warrior boys...👍🤘

  13. 민김

    민김2 months ago

    이번년도 ㄹㅇ 칼갈고나온듯 갑자기 영상 오지게올라오는데 싹다 하나같이 좋음 작년엔 ㄹㅇ 갱단느낌

  14. Taty Echeverria

    Taty Echeverria2 months ago

    Uuwu uwu love ❤❤❤🌚🤗🇪🇨🌚🌚❤❤❤❤

  15. Jaymee

    Jaymee2 months ago

    They are all good but boy pH-1 just got me on this 😌. Sorry jay i got swayed a bit , still love you tho 😂✌❤

  16. 쿠지지

    쿠지지2 months ago

    트레디엘 드디어 맞는 비트다!! 어울리고 잘한다!!

  17. Haribo 곰젤리

    Haribo 곰젤리2 months ago

    진짜 하이어는 G-O-A-T다...

  18. Aesu Lee

    Aesu Lee2 months ago


  19. jooyeon Choo

    jooyeon Choo2 months ago

    진짜 노래 너무 좋음..🖤

  20. 박재용

    박재용2 months ago

    박재범 벌스 들어오자마자 소름돋았다

  21. Youngji Yu

    Youngji Yu2 months ago

    박재범 최고다!!!!!H1GHR GANG🔥🔥🔥

  22. Jericho Rulloda

    Jericho Rulloda2 months ago

    Anyone pinoy fans here? ↓↓

  23. Low Janice

    Low Janice2 months ago

    This is like earworm

  24. Kristin Davids

    Kristin Davids2 months ago

    Ahhhhh ... bruhhh so good 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Close case !!!

  25. PSJ

    PSJ2 months ago

    pH-1 오지네

  26. 전우찬

    전우찬2 months ago

    하이어는 트랩맛집

  27. itsyaboyneff

    itsyaboyneff2 months ago

    The last hook with that dr dre-esque beat is fire🔥🔥🔥

  28. Thamires Garcia

    Thamires Garcia2 months ago


  29. Dani Dimitrova

    Dani Dimitrova2 months ago

    When pH-1 said Homebody that’s never home .. i felt that 😂🧡🔥🔥

  30. Doto Siao

    Doto Siao2 months ago

    PH-1 is something special

  31. Fineapple dot

    Fineapple dot2 months ago

    How many fans do you plan to annihilate? H1GHR: yes

  32. Jason Peeen

    Jason Peeen2 months ago

    Great,I love this fuck in smooth !!😉

  33. 이삼영

    이삼영2 months ago

    오늘 제생일 인데, 그때 딱마침 나오네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  34. BuildAhouse

    BuildAhouse2 months ago

    박재범 도대체 작업량 무엇.. 진짜 안쉬고 하루종일 노래만 만드나..?

  35. Michelle Ryu

    Michelle Ryu2 months ago

    박 시장님 사랑해어...❤️ 타고났더

  36. 기러기

    기러기2 months ago

    오늘도 여전한 하온이의 퍼펙트 함 그리고 언제나 프로텍트 하고싶은 하온

  37. 보니보니

    보니보니2 months ago

    흑흑 하온님 이번에도 찢었다요

  38. Cyndal Turner

    Cyndal Turner2 months ago

    Everyone is fire

  39. 김유진

    김유진2 months ago

    3:14 "우디"부분 확. 끌리지👍👍

  40. yuli anti

    yuli anti2 months ago

    Hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  41. Asu Lee

    Asu Lee2 months ago

    역시재범..대단해........하이어뮤직. 완전대박

  42. Luz GS

    Luz GS2 months ago

    And i thought that this 2020 would be worst, and suddenly H1GHR MUSIC appears to save the world, so........ Closed Case Saludos desde México. H1GHR GANG

  43. Jiejie Ye

    Jiejie Ye2 months ago

    Wow Woogie came thru with this beattt

  44. JamiiDesu

    JamiiDesu2 months ago

    Woogie, fxkn fantastic as always!!

  45. jayparkspotato

    jayparkspotato2 months ago

    They call me oppa cuz they wanna see the junk I mean it not a lie but dont have to call us out like that 😳😳

  46. 이태형

    이태형2 months ago

    하이어뮤직 ㅡㅡ완전대박....역시재범대단해..감사해용

  47. shirley

    shirley2 months ago

    How can any album top this now

  48. Colin Cha

    Colin Cha2 months ago

    Play this song at the court

  49. gang

    gang2 months ago

    haon's verse feels like he's guiding you on the beat it's so cool

  50. gang

    gang2 months ago

    they have some really good beats on this album

  51. Desti Catriyani

    Desti Catriyani2 months ago

    Honestly this is my favorite😳

  52. 우자키우자

    우자키우자2 months ago

    하온 들을려고 들으면 항상 산성한테 치이고 감 산성도 진짜 항상 일정하게좋다

  53. Aesu Lee

    Aesu Lee2 months ago


  54. valentinav

    valentinav2 months ago

    (posted 12 hours ago, 2020 September 3, 15k views) Higher gang music forever 💥

  55. Namrata Barman

    Namrata Barman2 months ago

    You guys tho...U just f-ing attacked us by dropping this compilation. Man, i'm grooving to the songs at 4 in the morning🐒 Anyways guys great work. Keep up up. Take care of your health as well. Till then FIGHTING...CHEESE...

  56. Safira NahZayfaaa69

    Safira NahZayfaaa692 months ago

    bisa²nya gw ketinggalan 😭

  57. dee_04 97

    dee_04 972 months ago

    The boys out here doing the thing. 2020 is much better, coz H1GHER providing hi ugh quality music 👌🏾😩❤️ Much love 🇿🇦🇿🇦

  58. Aadilah Abrahams

    Aadilah Abrahams2 months ago

    I love how this beat gets you out of your seat and the flow is *chef's kiss*

  59. clau ,

    clau ,2 months ago

    This album is literally one of the best things that happened to rap this year.

  60. ana maria vargas castillo

    ana maria vargas castillo2 months ago

    Jay park's voice is a melody to my ears🤤😍, i loved this song⚡, i like jay park, i'm your fan🥰.

  61. Les

    Les2 months ago

    Mi favorita hasta ahora,, Ph -1 al inicio AMOOOOOO T-T

  62. ney1the9 kv

    ney1the9 kv2 months ago


  63. ney1the9 kv

    ney1the9 kv2 months ago


  64. Akki taro

    Akki taro2 months ago

    Rapper's coming for y'all neck

  65. Kuin A

    Kuin A2 months ago


  66. Sassy M

    Sassy M2 months ago

    My favorite!!

  67. Autumn leaves

    Autumn leaves2 months ago

    why is this giving me halloween vibes

  68. Hazel May

    Hazel May2 months ago

    OoooooooooooOoooooOoohhh yesssssssss

  69. triplets Daily

    triplets Daily2 months ago

    ohhhhhh shit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  70. Mariana M. H.

    Mariana M. H.2 months ago

    Este albúm completely fireeeeeee

  71. Mariana M. H.

    Mariana M. H.2 months ago

    I love them all goshhhhh

  72. melissa villaseñor

    melissa villaseñor2 months ago

    this track is one of my favorites, everyone’s flow is amazing :,)

  73. H1ghr 4 life

    H1ghr 4 life2 months ago


  74. amdag1

    amdag12 months ago

    "April 25th my day" yess April babies stay sway🔥 where ya'll at? Gang😎

  75. naturallyangel

    naturallyangel2 months ago

    My favorite 💛

  76. DeKost man

    DeKost man2 months ago

    Why i see jay park in everywhere??

  77. 물물

    물물2 months ago

    👍👍👍 하이어 최고

  78. [쉼표]Shimpwo

    [쉼표]Shimpwo2 months ago


  79. x복숭아우유

    x복숭아우유2 months ago

    0:30 😍😻🥰 1:52 👍🏿

  80. 연우

    연우2 months ago

    치원 훅 뭐야ㅜ.ㅜ.ㅜ.ㅜ.ㅜ.ㅜ 진짜 미쳤다

  81. Vĩnh Hà

    Vĩnh Hà2 months ago

    no dislike as it should be

  82. Vĩnh Hà

    Vĩnh Hà2 months ago

    h1ghr seriously has best rappers and producers


    H1GHR MUSIC2 months ago

    Closed Case- pH-1, Jay Park, TRADE L, HAON, Sik-K, Woodie Gochild 2020 이미 뒤에 After 2020 길을 터내지 New way Already paved a new way Too saucy 혀 위에 New taste New taste too saucy for your tongue 건배 H1GHR gang Cheers, H1GHR gang 입 닫아 못 맞출 거면 페이 Shut your mouth if you can’t pay Man, that’s a closed case Man, that’s a closed case That’s a closed case Man, that’s a closed case 4월25일 It’s my day day April 25th my day 나는 Drunken 취했어 Like Tiger JK I’m drunk like Tiger JK 장난끼는 있지만 일할 때 No play play Playful but when I’m workin’ I don’t play 너네 다 비상 상태야 Got y’all on alert You better call May Day 형사는 필요 없어 Don’t need a detective This shit is case closed I be making pesos’ And I never change hoe’s. 벌스 쓸 때마다 Everytime I write Hulk Hogan 나시처럼 되지 Turn into Hulk Hogan’s beater 나의 패기 보면 Look at my ambition 축구로 치면 난 Messi Like Messi in the field 여자한테 난 둘러 쌓였어 I’m surrounded by women Yeah they be Asian, but got junk in the trunk They calling me oppa, cause’ they wanna feel the funk I be getting money like the first of the month 2020에 난 Born Born in 2020 A lot of bread 다시 Going brazy A lot of bread, going brazy again 날 원한다면 준비해야지 돈 If you want me get that money ready 네 말은 왜인지 Your words 설득력이 하나도 없는걸 Don’t move me at all 공연해 본적은 두 번밖에 없어 I’ve only been on stage twice 원하는 게 뭔지 말해봐 Tell me what you want That was close 근데 해줄 건 아니야 But I ain’t doin’ it 바라보던 사람들과 같은 Mob Same mob that was staring But 내 목표는 저만치 But my goals are way over there I'm not satisfied 내가 장난치는 걸로 보여? Not afraid You think I’m playin’? Not afraid Hop on this shit oh my god You never know that 빠르게 난 몰입해 I’m quick to focus 너희들의 Motivate I’m your motivation H1GHR make it a way H1GHR make it a way It’s the big celebration to myself 당연해 옆엔 Money bag 또 어머니 Bag Of course the money bag beside me 바꿔 드릴 때가 온 듯해 이듬해 Think it’s time to change my mom’s bag 노려봐 내 자리 나는 저기 가 있을게 Aiming for my spot, I’mma move on 뱁새는 위험해 우리 비행기에 Its dangerous tryna chase us When I rap 빙의해 나는 무언가에 When I rap I turn into somethin’ else 누구처럼 누구처럼 한다곤 말은 안 해 Can’t say you’re like someone else Just do your shit first 앨범 내기 전에 Before you drop your album 경거망동하지 말어 Please stay humble 좀 참어 Stay patient 겪어봤어 난 이미 I’ve already been through it 그건 좀 아퍼 It hurts a bit 살펴 가라 이미 이 대화는 끝났어 Go home, this talk is over 우타형이 기른 수염처럼 넌 깎여 Get cut like Woota’s beard 2020 이미 뒤에 After 2020 길을 터내지 New way Already paved a new way Too saucy 혀 위에 New taste New taste too saucy for your tongue 건배 H1GHR gang Cheers, H1GHR gang 입 닫아 못 맞출 거면 페이 Shut your mouth if you can’t pay Man, that’s a closed case Man, that’s a closed case That’s a closed case Man, that’s a closed case 너희 같은 케이스 많이 봤지 I’ve seen a lot like you 나의 Taste My taste 구린 건 못 먹어 I can’t eat that kind of food 너의 취향 촌스러워 Your taste is wack You gotta pay me like I gotta pay my lawyer When my lawyer beats the case 아직은 그럴 일 없기에 But that’s yet to happen Make my own rule Yeah, I born rude 접어둬 주지 그래 조언은 You can keep the advice 네가 뭐라고 더 할수록 구려져 Your talking only makes it worse 냄새 나니깐 오지마 내 주거지역에 Don’t come around me ‘cause you reek 왜냐하면 Because All my homies goin’ H1GHR Fuck a story tellin’ liars 성공은 너희에겐 안보이지 Like 환영 Y’all can’t see success like a phantom 반면에 성공은 우리를 환영해 No cap While success welcomes us, no cap I’m the homebody that’s never home 큰 몫을 챙겨놓고 Secure a big bag And then make some mo’ 나랑 엮지마 저 아마추어 Don’t mix me with that amateur 여기 회색 도시 안에 In this grey city 혼자만이 살아남았어 I’m alive all by myself No sleep man 커져 버린 Name value My name value too large I'm a big brand 같이 시작했던 애들 My homies from the start Going big mad 매번 올라 Headliner I’m always on the headliner Ay, H1GHR gang signs up 2020 내가 볼 땐 The way I see 2020 사실 굳이 안 봐도 Closed Case Anyway I see it, it’s a Closed Case In da Studio 불이 안 꺼져 On Air In da studio, the on Air sign never turns off 넌 불 끄고 자라 곱게 Yall turn the lights out and go to sleep Lay low man 난 비행기 떴네 Lay low man, My plane taking off Super fly, too much guap With some thot, 가족사업 With some thot, family business 너네 가사 지어낸 말 Your lyrics are made up 우린 살아 진짜 We really livin’ this life 꼬우면 타고 와 콜때기 If you’re mad come get me 전부 다 델꼬와 새꺄 Bring it all on 논현 Block 골 때려 Okay Nonhyeon block a headache, okay Cash back 2020 이미 뒤에 After 2020 길을 터내지 New way Already paved a new way Too saucy 혀 위에 New taste New taste too saucy for your tongue 건배 H1GHR gang Cheers, H1GHR gang 입 닫아 못 맞출 거면 페이 Shut your mouth if you can’t pay Man, that’s a closed case Man, that’s a closed case That’s a closed case Man, that’s a closed case Closed case Closed case

  84. Azyva Sch !

    Azyva Sch !2 months ago


  85. Akki taro

    Akki taro2 months ago

    This is fire 🔥

  86. 블랑

    블랑2 months ago

    개쩌는 비트 계속 나오네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  87. Jo

    Jo2 months ago

    This radiates top tier energy 🔥🔥🔥

  88. 박진영

    박진영2 months ago

    1:30 존나 쫄깃하네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  89. Asu Lee

    Asu Lee2 months ago


  90. Asu Lee

    Asu Lee2 months ago


  91. J-walk Aing

    J-walk Aing2 months ago

    I’m so fucking hype for the blue tape!!!!!!!!!

  92. J-walk Aing

    J-walk Aing2 months ago

    This whole project go hard asf💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. 이진유

    이진유2 months ago

    아 진짜 이렇게 연속으로 내면 나 진짜 어떡하라고 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  94. Mariana Barreiro

    Mariana Barreiro2 months ago


  95. Jeniffer Park

    Jeniffer Park2 months ago


  96. 김민경

    김민경2 months ago


  97. jakyung choi

    jakyung choi2 months ago

    멋진 하이어 식구들💘

  98. JAYSIK

    JAYSIK2 months ago

    It's lit bro 🔥🔥💤

  99. han dii

    han dii2 months ago

    Jay Park 🔥🔥🔥👑

  100. ikonic

    ikonic2 months ago

    english translation please 🙏 i know haon’s lyrics slap

  101. Marineide Batista

    Marineide Batista2 months ago

    This beat !! 🔥🔥🔥🇧🇷🇰🇷

  102. 김민경

    김민경2 months ago

    모션 블러 실루엣처리해도 다보인다 ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ 악 너무 조아 우기 출연 시켜주셔서 감사합니다 더 자주 출연시켜주세요 감사합니다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  103. Hiromi x

    Hiromi x2 months ago

    Woodie my number one.

  104. 김민경

    김민경2 months ago

    비트 디테일이 미쳣다 우기가 영혼 갈았네 ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ !!