4eva - Jay Park, Woodie Gochild, pH-1, TRADE L, HAON, Sik-K (Official Audio)

▶ Download/Streaming: smarturl.it/H1GHR_REDTAPE
The First-ever H1GHR MUSIC Compilation Album release!
Prod by WOOGIE, DJ Wegun
Instagram: h1ghrmusic
Facebook: H1GHRMUSICOF...
[H1GHR : RED TAPE] 2020.09.02
[H1GHR : BLUE TAPE] 2020.09.16
#ThePurge #RED_TAPE
#H1GHRMUSIC #하이어뮤직


  1. Myms VBZ

    Myms VBZ3 hours ago

    Ce son me rappelle Paris

  2. Hannah_ Rai

    Hannah_ RaiMonth ago

    pH-1 and his flow... My Gawd!! 😭

  3. Hannah_ Rai

    Hannah_ RaiMonth ago

    Trade L in my bias shopping list

  4. q t

    q t2 months ago

    이거 디스아님?

  5. 신shiin

    신shiin2 months ago

    Say less bro, H1GHR ALWAYS LIT

  6. sky flowers

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  7. sik jpr

    sik jpr2 months ago

    Trade L killed iiiiit TALENT 🔥

  8. shelly wap

    shelly wap2 months ago

    Aomg h1gher music, jay park singin in a high note

  9. Nyasha Tapomwa

    Nyasha Tapomwa2 months ago

    Hope U last 4eva

  10. Luckyboy Hipster

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  11. Abiram Raveendran

    Abiram Raveendran2 months ago

    I love

  12. ヒナタヒナタ

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  13. asahi’s kimbap phone

    asahi’s kimbap phone2 months ago

    trade l’s part tho 🤩

  14. D 3020

    D 30202 months ago

    m.uslikes.info/house/aGajp7CZtG1wmro/video.html Bts Dynamite Fan made

  15. Chae-yi

    Chae-yi2 months ago

    Fire... khip hop on top becoz of this team.. #h1ghermusic

  16. Youngji Yu

    Youngji Yu2 months ago

    박재범 최고다!!!!!H1GHR GANG🔥🔥🔥

  17. 김민결

    김민결2 months ago

    진짜 허쓸 👏

  18. iSlasheR

    iSlasheR2 months ago

    Anyone else hear the Tetris theme at the start of the track haha.

  19. 기러기

    기러기2 months ago

    하이어에 들어간 하온의 하안 숨 나올정도로 완벽한 뤠퍼 바래는 바알래엔티노

  20. elder jose da silva

    elder jose da silva2 months ago

    Muito bom 😎

  21. Jasmynn

    Jasmynn2 months ago


  22. Jasmynn

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  23. amdag1

    amdag12 months ago

    "Your rap is elementary, I already skipped it" Person concerned: deceased, departed, sent, cancelled, gone with the wind, no caps left. Rip💥 yoo😂

  24. 옵티머스황 OptimusHwang

    옵티머스황 OptimusHwang2 months ago

    비트 어디서 들어본듯한 느낌

  25. 이승혜

    이승혜2 months ago

    제 최애요

  26. Khaitoon kk

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  27. f gds

    f gds2 months ago

    재버미빼고 누가누군지 헤깔리네

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  31. Asu Lee

    Asu Lee2 months ago

    역시재범..대단해. 완전대박. 하이어뮤직.

  32. Samriddhi Magar

    Samriddhi Magar2 months ago

    Trade L 🔥🥴🤯

  33. Orange Flavored

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  34. 박진태

    박진태2 months ago

    우디랑 제이팍 보컬 체급차이 ㄹㅇ ㅋㅋ

  35. Sama Adel

    Sama Adel2 months ago

    I like it ❤️🔥

  36. 양태훈

    양태훈2 months ago

    trade L은 진짜 개잘한다

  37. Soulordess

    Soulordess2 months ago

    ......Ph-1 😻

  38. 이태형

    이태형2 months ago

    역시재범,,대단하고,,하이어뮤직. 멤버최고야..감사해용

  39. 태현에몽

    태현에몽2 months ago

    오 외힙 같네요

  40. 류승제

    류승제2 months ago

    Nunreact must be here........

  41. Aesu Lee

    Aesu Lee2 months ago

    역시재범..대단해요... 하이어뮤직..모든멤버들.너무잘해.개성있게.대박.감사합니당..

  42. Johnny Dev

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  43. idontknowwhattodobutmyeyesonyou

    idontknowwhattodobutmyeyesonyou2 months ago

    아니 형 썸네일만 봐도 이미 좋다 진짜 인트로 말할 것도 없고,,,,, 베이스라인도 돌아부러~~~~~

  44. Dior Dior

    Dior Dior2 months ago

    I love ❤️ you

  45. White Fang

    White Fang2 months ago

    Yo cmon can we get a song with golden and haon we all know it’s gonna be a banger Like if you want it to happen

  46. haenami

    haenami2 months ago

    @Gabby Sylva But I think ELO is in AOMG tho?

  47. Gabby Sylva

    Gabby Sylva2 months ago

    Don’t forget ELO, his vocals are heavenly too.

  48. White Fang

    White Fang2 months ago

    haenami ya and haon is kinda like a perfect contrast to golden so I think it will sound amazing

  49. haenami

    haenami2 months ago

    Yes, I wanna hear more of Golden too. Since he is the only (?) vocalist of the label, I want to hear him in most hooks and we don't get hear much of him since so far what they have released was mostly rap songs. Nonetheless, everything is fire.

  50. aaikhmal 99

    aaikhmal 992 months ago

    I think they would appear together in Bluetape

  51. Đức Vũ

    Đức Vũ2 months ago

    Voice of Trade L like SuperBee 💯

  52. Kuin A

    Kuin A2 months ago

    *“I cannot speak Latino”* JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA NAGUARA

  53. 이석훈

    이석훈2 months ago

    진짜 전곡다 올릴생각인가

  54. MultiStan

    MultiStan2 months ago

    y'all blessing us with bops never a bad song

  55. Hiba Ouadia

    Hiba Ouadia2 months ago

    i feel like this is the type of music jay wanna make

  56. Melissa Bee

    Melissa Bee2 months ago

    Dang! Any HIGHER, and I’ll have a nose bleed....

  57. 김다링

    김다링2 months ago

    슈퍼비 피쳐링한줄ㅋㅋ 당황스럽네

  58. 선주선주

    선주선주2 months ago

    박재범 도입부 미쳤어~! 걍 미쳤갱 Sexy 4eva

  59. K_Y_D

    K_Y_D2 months ago

    This comeback was really what I needed for the start of the college year, H1GHR gives the strength 🔥

  60. vas.

    vas.Month ago

    omg, same here

  61. K_Y_D

    K_Y_D2 months ago

    ​ @HAON'S SLAVE ​ @Time traveling Jukebox ​ @mustamerah balt Good luck everyone :)))

  62. Time traveling Jukebox

    Time traveling Jukebox2 months ago

    @Shirley_Solano Thank you 🥺💜

  63. Shirley_Solano

    Shirley_Solano2 months ago

    i wish you the best 💜

  64. Time traveling Jukebox

    Time traveling Jukebox2 months ago

    @mustamerah balt Thank you! 😊

  65. Carla Nunez

    Carla Nunez2 months ago

    H1GHR Music’s discography is insane

  66. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith2 months ago

    2:44 i cried a bit

  67. 불친절둔산1동행정복지센터

    불친절둔산1동행정복지센터2 months ago

    하온이가 잘 했는데 뒤에 식케이거 똥쌈

  68. Ailin Urrutia

    Ailin Urrutia2 months ago

    Los amoo 🇦🇷🇦🇷

  69. Nicole Fernandez Ph

    Nicole Fernandez Ph2 months ago

    Love you jaebum ❤

  70. [쉼표]Shimpwo

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  71. batman1992ap

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    H1GHR MUSIC2 months ago

    4eva- Jay Park, Woodie Gohild, pH-1, TRADE L, HAON, Sik-K H1GHR than the sky so fire Yes, I’m feeling blazed I don’t fish for compliments appreciate the waves Got the gang behind me So I never feel afraid This right here forever bitches This ain’t no passing craze 4eva ever Bitch u never never This 4eva ever Bitch u never never Everyday I wake up feeling blessed H1GHR than a pilot flying jets 와인잔을 부딪혀 더욱 세게 Cheers these wine glasses harder 오늘 밤을 기록 우리들 축제 Remember this night, our celebration 책에 우릴 언급해 Mention us in the history textbooks 역사적인 움직임을 실현 Hall of fame Historic movement for the hall of fame 제멋대로 사는 중 누가 봐도 철없게 Living how I want 부모님 죄송해 일단은 돈으로 갚아 Sorry to my parents, cash is all I can offer 주름진 손목에 채워 드렸지 Ice for my parents wrists 두 개의 롤렉스는 한참 모자라 Two rolexes is just not enough Got every color I like 뭐든 색깔 별로 모아 Collecting all the colors 너무 유명한 내 가족들과 With my famous family I be steady on getting that mula and guap Got the whole pie not a piece 입증이 된 내 자리 I’ve proven my spot 여기까지 오기 위해서 난 포기했어 정말로 많이 I’ve sacrificed so much to get here H1GHR gang mobbin all day 아직도 네 눈엔 안보이냐 Can you still not see 한 것도 없는데 반점만 Only commas increasing 쌓여가도 많아서 모르잖아 Too much to count 새로운 세대 Yeah, That's me New generation, yeah that’s me 우리의 차이는 100씩 The difference between you and me, hundreds 별거 없지 Nothing much to it 행사 포스터 맨 위 At the top of the event poster 내가 장식하지 That’s me 아마 너는 젤 밑 You’re prolly at the bottom Rockin' 해 벌어가 직진 I keep rockin’ straight 알아도 못 오는 위치 Even if you knew the way this is a spot you can’t reach 거울에 보이지 비친 모습이 I see my reflection in the mirror 나를 쉴 수 없게 make Can’t easily make me 그래 어리버리 깔 바엔 난 빠빠이 I’d rather say goodbye than half-ass it I don’t wanna go home 집에 갈 수 없잖아 Can’t go home 난 사업자가 될 거야 I’mma be a CEO 내 손바닥 안에 Look at the game 짜여진 판들을 봐 Like this On lock within my palms like this 다 말했지 Told you H1GHR MUSIC 말이 필요 없지 H1GHR MUSIC, what more is there to say 어디를 가든지 VIP VIP wherever we go So, 지갑을 가져올 필요 없지 So we don’t bring our wallets 난 싸울래 한 손으로도 제압해놨어 Ready to fight, got it on lock with one hand 유치해 도레미파솔 같은 네 랩 Your rap is elementary Skip 했지 난 이미 I already skipped it 내겐 안 통하는 비리 Your schemes don’t work on me H1GHR than the sky so fire Yes, I’m feeling blazed I don’t fish for compliments appreciate the waves Got the gang behind me So I never feel afraid This right here forever bitches This ain’t no passing craze 4eva ever Bitch u never never This 4eva ever Bitch u never never I cannot speak Latino 발에는 Valentino Valentino on my feet 신고 있고 늘 피곤 I’m always tired 해도 I do it for my people Still I do it for my people They freakin love my 피부 They freakin love my skin Skin routine 맨날 비밀로 Skin routine, it’s a secret 밖에 나갔음 꼭 손 씻고 Wash my hands after I go out 안 그럼 넌 바로 Sicko You might turn sicko if you don’t 거리 좀 지켜 Keep your distance 머리 좀 식혀 Blow some steam off 밖에 나가 외식하지 말고 밥 시켜 Order food, don’t go out 나는 안 믿겨 I can’t believe it 보물이 된 스피커 Speakers turned gold @rawfish_jun이 하러 왔어 픽업 Yeah @rawfish_jun here to pick me up I don’t care 빚진 것처럼 말해 왜 Why you talkin’ like in debt 네 실패를 You blame me 내 탓으로 돌리지만 For your failure 기회는 공평했음을 기억해 But opportunities were equal 누가 날 믿었냐고? 박재범 말고? Who believed in me? Besides Jay Park? 허슬하라고 시켰냐고? Told me to go hustle? 시킨다고 했겠냐 Who would just because someone told them to 내가 미쳤다고 I’d be out of my mind I gotta rap I gotta dance 좋아서 하는 일 뒤에 What I did for passion Guap이 졸래졸래 따라왔지 The guap naturally followed 돈이 문제가 아니야 Money ain’t the problem 일단 없어서는 아니고 Got enough 쓸게 적어선 더욱 더 아니고 Got more than enough 설명해줘도 네 돌머리로는 Even if I explained 이해를 못하겠지 You couldn’t understand 이해를 하겠니? How could you ever? 못 알아듣겠다며 내 딕션 Said you couldn’t understand my diction 내가 먹히니깐 Once I got hot 이제는 알아먹으시겠다고? Oh now you understand me? 빅 엿, 양 손으로다가 Both big middle fingers up 성공 옆에 친구와 가족뿐이길 Only friends and family beside me with my success 만족으로만 남기기엔 I’m already too great 난 너무 대단해져 있지 이미 To merely be satisfied 패배감 맛보게 해주기 Giving you a taste of defeat 요 근래에 생겼어 취미 That’s my recent hobby 가족은 당연히 챙기지 Of course I got my family 그것뿐이겠냐 You think that’s it 나는 챙겨 이 City 서울 I got my city Seoul behind me

  73. 곽민준

    곽민준2 months ago

    이게 싴케이 마지막일수도

  74. 박진영

    박진영2 months ago

    2:16 쫄깃쫄깃

  75. Aesu Lee

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  76. jirah pb

    jirah pb2 months ago

    I can say wooooooww....

  77. 대한건왜질혜

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  78. Jonaia Rahui

    Jonaia Rahui2 months ago

    that hook with woodie is 🔥🔥 fr, who can do it like gochiiilllddd!?

  79. yin !!!

    yin !!!2 months ago

    *i love the hook so much fuck this is my fave song,, the way woodie say fOrEvEr-eVeR*

  80. jakyung choi

    jakyung choi2 months ago

    하이어 포에버❤

  81. Jeniffer Park

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  82. 고양이에 진심남

    고양이에 진심남2 months ago

    Ph-1 만약에 이댓글 대사 보면 좋겠어 내가 마니 좋아해 🐽❤️🐽 항상 다른가치관 열려 ~

  83. J Song

    J Song2 months ago

    하오니 폼 제대로 올랐다 개좋아

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    Stress Soul2 months ago

    Damn lit eh bro

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  87. Lauraa_H

    Lauraa_H2 months ago

    we stan talented kings❤️

  88. Lauraa_H

    Lauraa_H2 months ago

    you killed it 🔥🔥🔥

  89. 민혁

    민혁2 months ago

    들을때마다 사인히어 노 그래비티 생각나서 그 무대보고 이 노래 듣고 하는중

  90. Miss Purple

    Miss Purple2 months ago

    Ayyy, issa VIBE... ❤️❤️❤️

  91. Chloe B

    Chloe B2 months ago

    Gonna stan trade L

  92. 태혜정광대다라니경

    태혜정광대다라니경2 months ago

    0:12 jay park&woodie gochild ((hook 0:37 Ph-1 1:14 Trade l 1:52 jay park&woodie gochild ((hook 2:16 Haon 2:42 Sik-k

  93. f gds

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  94. 김세현

    김세현2 months ago

    Woodie 입니다

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    PinkCatty2 months ago

    Trade L 😭😭😭😭❤

  97. Meline Franco

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    lit, this is litttt

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    NATI CHATAL2 months ago

    omg i love this song

  101. sandra _

    sandra _2 months ago

    the start already got me goosebumps

  102. pcymatea

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  103. Official VOSTON MUZIK

    Official VOSTON MUZIK2 months ago

    2020년에 듣는사람

  104. 수현_

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    이거 왜 귀엽지ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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    뻘하게 웃기네 ㅋㅋ

  107. fllanza

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    this is my fav song ayyyyy 🔥🔥🖤🖤

  108. mira Mi36

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    I love you very

  109. 김용오

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    higher go higher

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