H1GHR (Intro) - Jay Park, Golden (Promo Visual)

Jay Park, Golden - H1GHR (Intro)

"Look At How We Living, H1GHR MUSIC"

Prod by GroovyRoom, Chacha Malone

2020.09.02 [H1GHR : RED TAPE]
2020.09.16 [H1GHR : BLUE TAPE]
#H1GHRMUSIC #하이어뮤직



    JAY PARK3 months ago

    올해 의 레이블

  2. 박지영

    박지영Month ago

    진짜가 나타남👍👍👍🙏🔥🔥🔥

  3. Jeniffer Park

    Jeniffer ParkMonth ago

    Isso é tão bom de ouvir!!!🥰🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. 박상콤

    박상콤2 months ago

    존나 멋있어

  5. Eden Jr

    Eden Jr2 months ago

    no cap. label of the year

  6. 이승현

    이승현2 months ago

    대박나 길#~~

  7. caterina villanueva

    caterina villanueva11 days ago

    this song deserve more recognition

  8. flower Angel

    flower Angel13 days ago

    Jay voice is on fire.

  9. Saraangg S2

    Saraangg S224 days ago

    DJ SMMT 😻

  10. Saraangg S2

    Saraangg S224 days ago

    DJ SMMT I know you are in Jay's heart too

  11. Saraangg S2

    Saraangg S224 days ago

    DJ SMMT is the best 😍

  12. Saraangg S2

    Saraangg S224 days ago


  13. Minx

    Minx26 days ago

    This whole concept is so clean, H1GHR really taking it to another level🔥

  14. Just M

    Just M28 days ago

    The goosebumps I got when Golden came in after Jay. Duuuuude...

  15. Gabrielle Rocha

    Gabrielle RochaMonth ago

    Me julguem, mas eu acho a Intro a melhor faixa do album. Todas são ótimas, mas serio, a Intro está uma perfeição.

  16. 박지영

    박지영Month ago


  17. Alessandra Gadea

    Alessandra GadeaMonth ago

    This song makes me want to buy its ring but I'm broke af

  18. KAIRO 0717

    KAIRO 0717Month ago

    아니 왜 영어노래같지

  19. 야레야레

    야레야레Month ago

    와 도입부부터 소름 쫘아악 돋는다 진짜

  20. Komal Jadhav

    Komal JadhavMonth ago


  21. Nana

    NanaMonth ago

    The freaking vocals y'all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. v

    vMonth ago

    하이어 넘 좋아

  23. Hot potato

    Hot potatoMonth ago

    I am looking how higher music living 👌👌✌️✌️✌️❤️❤️❤️

  24. sareo zasoon

    sareo zasoon2 months ago

    OOOOOFFFFF the power of Jay Park!!!

  25. purplepinjacorns7

    purplepinjacorns72 months ago

    This gotta be the hardest album intro of all time. So how we gonna add SMMT into it LMAOO

  26. Aesu Lee

    Aesu Lee2 months ago

    역시재범 대단해 완전대박 하이어뮤직감사합니당

  27. Ibirounke

    Ibirounke2 months ago

    Golden's voice is the epitome of everything that's right in the world. And gosh Jay you killed it!

  28. WooseokAsma MBA

    WooseokAsma MBA2 months ago

    best intro ever

  29. Mel Mightygal

    Mel Mightygal2 months ago

    This is so andersonpaak inspired

  30. Hiba Yanni

    Hiba Yanni2 months ago

    Another level .... Love this epic 💘

  31. 박성희

    박성희2 months ago

    둘이찰떡 ㅋㅋ

  32. Bora97

    Bora972 months ago

    Why does this remind me so much of the Avenger films intros and outros haha? Would actually be amazing to hear a song from them there!

  33. 랜포

    랜포2 months ago

    인트로가 잴 좋은거 같아ㅋㅋ

  34. 박상콤

    박상콤2 months ago

    미쳤네여 진짜👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  35. alie Chang

    alie Chang2 months ago

    박사장 랩 들으러 들어왔는데 역시나 귀호강 하고 가고, 영상제작팀 누구인지 고생했을게 눈에 보이게 고퀄이네! 하이어 흥해라!!!

  36. Zulaikha Bello

    Zulaikha Bello2 months ago

    I just can't get over this intro and Golden's voice is just golden... I'm obsessed

  37. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol2 months ago

    They be spitting facts😂

  38. Beanee B

    Beanee B2 months ago

    상표. 기간. Let's talk about "Label" It can sink, swim or rise H1GHR actually FLYZ about it all I'm such a supporter of this label and all the artists involved on all levels from pre to post production Never disappointing Much respect Play on Play on ▶️

  39. Mmmmilo AR

    Mmmmilo AR2 months ago


  40. Katelynn Rule

    Katelynn Rule2 months ago

    golden's voice is like... so angelic. its so nice to listen to

  41. Alice CHQ

    Alice CHQ2 months ago

    Obsessed with Golden's tone

  42. Chae-yi

    Chae-yi2 months ago

    The most amazing promo intro.. our president with silky voice of golden.. like butter to my peanut jelly now i'm hungry for more..

  43. ggpyemul

    ggpyemul2 months ago

    wowowow i'm in loveee

  44. Here’s Johnny!

    Here’s Johnny!2 months ago

    맨처음에나오는 신스소리? 같은게 ㄹㅇ 웅장한느낌 ㅈ된다

  45. ᄒᄋᄋ

    ᄒᄋᄋ2 months ago

    영원해라 박재범

  46. Gabby Sylva

    Gabby Sylva2 months ago

    I knew there was going to be some goosebump-raising-vocals for the hook when I saw Golden was on it.

  47. 아니근데

    아니근데2 months ago

    1:35 쌌다..

  48. tʊքaҡtɦɛʀɛ

    tʊքaҡtɦɛʀɛ2 months ago

    When golden says higHErrrr and my brain i-

  49. Prodige L.

    Prodige L.2 months ago

    Definitely the best decision that Golden made for his life and his career was to leave JYP look how he prosper now liiiiiike the guy won The Voice Korea, he have made more music and we've seen him more in the last 2 years with H1GHR than with JYP where he lasted almost 15 years ! He's just better then ever, the evolution of his voice is just incredible, it keeps getting better every time

  50. 김꼬깜

    김꼬깜2 months ago

    가슴이 웅장해진다...

  51. I’m Not A Student INAS

    I’m Not A Student INAS2 months ago

    야 이거 퀄리티 뭐냐.... 너무 멋있다

  52. grace nguyen

    grace nguyen2 months ago

    yeah but why is this the only track that Golden is on in THE WHOLE ALBUMM??????????

  53. ayyoisaac

    ayyoisaac2 months ago

    You'll hear more of him in blue tape on the 16th of this month

  54. caterina villanueva

    caterina villanueva2 months ago

    Omg Golden's vocals give me life I need more for him pleaseeee😭❤🥺

  55. jakyung choi

    jakyung choi2 months ago

    이거 너무 멋잇졍... 홀려. ..

  56. Celia C.

    Celia C.2 months ago

    Golden 💛💛💛

  57. Khoa Pham

    Khoa Pham2 months ago

    Who else is getting goosebumps?! This is a MONUMENTAL MOMENT right here!! Jay is headed to the TOP and Staying there! No other label is doing it like AOMG & H1GHR MUSIC!! JayPark, Making History with the 🔥🔥🔥 Music!! 🤟🤟🤟


    NLA BROWN2 months ago

    Goldens voice is so precious❤️❤️

  59. Jiho Woo

    Jiho Woo2 months ago

    골든 목소리 나올때마다 소름;;;; 와우...

  60. jaylhamo park

    jaylhamo park3 months ago


  61. Ramza

    Ramza3 months ago

    wait so is AOMG just a part of H1GHR now?

  62. Ramza

    Ramza3 months ago

    @Sndgam3 ahhh ic, thx

  63. Sndgam3

    Sndgam33 months ago

    No. Jay park is CEO of both companies but they r separate entities.

  64. Rasya Adilah Mohd Ainuddin

    Rasya Adilah Mohd Ainuddin3 months ago


  65. lmriana

    lmriana3 months ago

    Golden took the best decision by signing up with higher. Ughhhh.... Too much goodness in one place 🔥🔥

  66. G C

    G C3 months ago

    The chills!!

  67. yei

    yei3 months ago

    H1GHR be making 2020 lit af👑👑👑👑 the real kings

  68. bloo jkl45

    bloo jkl453 months ago

    This made me want to drink champagne on a Tuesday

  69. doyeon Haam

    doyeon Haam3 months ago

    0:24 의미가 뭐에요 개궁금하네?

  70. jjj kkk

    jjj kkk3 months ago

    와 개간지

  71. jjj kkk

    jjj kkk3 months ago

    조합 쩐다 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  72. Abby M

    Abby M3 months ago

    The chills I get every time I watch this...

  73. 민제

    민제3 months ago

    we go h1ghr!~!~!~

  74. 아니근데

    아니근데3 months ago

    이거 듣자마자 블루가 더 기대되

  75. 이유준

    이유준3 months ago

    블루가 하이어 본연의 스타일이래요!

  76. 아니근데

    아니근데3 months ago

  77. lamisa

    lamisa3 months ago

    love you.

  78. anna goodoak

    anna goodoak3 months ago

    This mv let alone this song we need to get this at 100M H1GHR gang gang

  79. yellow k

    yellow k3 months ago

    잘 따라했네

  80. 멜로떡상존버시불

    멜로떡상존버시불3 months ago


  81. Chesca

    Chesca3 months ago

    if this didnt give u goosebumps, idk what will

  82. Chesca

    Chesca3 months ago

    Trade L welcome to the family ❤❤❤

  83. v

    v3 months ago

    자꾸 듣고 싶어서 들어오게 되네

  84. 민채

    민채3 months ago

    아무리 들어도 미쳤다ㅠㅠㅠ

  85. dugmadms rkfmfdms

    dugmadms rkfmfdms3 months ago

    난 이 인트로가 너모 좋아

  86. A L I S O N L O ♡

    A L I S O N L O ♡3 months ago

    Jay park never fails to amaze me👌

  87. jasleen 637897

    jasleen 6378973 months ago

    Bro anyone else see BOYCOLD'S name in there? I still cant tell if he is in H1gher music????

  88. ayyoisaac

    ayyoisaac3 months ago

    I think his name is there cause of the project he did with sik-k.

  89. eun joo Kim

    eun joo Kim3 months ago

    음악도 세계관도 너무멋있다 아우라가 장난아님

  90. F K

    F K3 months ago

    so how long did the renders take for this? detail is 👌

  91. 박찬형

    박찬형3 months ago

    바이브가 칸예 노래같다. 완전 취향인데 골든이 라인 때려주는게 dark fantasy 같네

  92. 경수 아들내미

    경수 아들내미3 months ago


  93. Vennesa Potter

    Vennesa Potter3 months ago

    H1GHR MUSIC & AOMG best labels.

  94. rick owens

    rick owens3 months ago

    외힙인줄 알았다 진짜 지리네 플로우 비트 다 완벽함

  95. 지식인

    지식인3 months ago

    프리저 행성 ost같노

  96. ya mik

    ya mik3 months ago

    진짜 레알로 박재범 영어로 랩하는거 개간지난다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 존나 멋있어..... 골든이랑 박재범랩이 이렇게 잘 어울릴줄이야 골든 음색 지리자너 ㅠㅜㅠ... 진짜 영상도 멋있다 ㅋㅋㅋ

  97. WolfKingLucious

    WolfKingLucious3 months ago

    What about Ted Park and Jarv Dee?

  98. WolfKingLucious

    WolfKingLucious3 months ago

    @Chris Lee Thanks a lot for the info!

  99. Chris Lee

    Chris Lee3 months ago

    @WolfKingLucious Jarv Dee left, Ted Park is not clear but they're still following him on the socials.

  100. WolfKingLucious

    WolfKingLucious3 months ago

    @ayyoisaac Thanks for letting me know. Definitely wished they had stayed though

  101. ayyoisaac

    ayyoisaac3 months ago

    They left after their contract expired

  102. Diaks - Reinmēkā -

    Diaks - Reinmēkā -3 months ago

    I love it and the clip is awesome ! GREAT JOB again guys !

  103. 음색깡패

    음색깡패3 months ago

    골든 음식 천상계 of 천상계

  104. Dillon Mateos

    Dillon Mateos3 months ago

    Why is this intro so damn HARD!@! I Want this on a album

  105. 캔디보이

    캔디보이3 months ago

    잘한다 진짜

  106. Jinseoulun poho

    Jinseoulun poho3 months ago

    One and only

  107. Maria Marques

    Maria Marques3 months ago

    Jay Park >>>>>>>

  108. 은토

    은토3 months ago

    희수님 작업 ㅠ.ㅠ 너무 좋아여

  109. neil

    neil3 months ago

    intro already fire as hell

  110. Dongbi Choi

    Dongbi Choi3 months ago

    올해의 레이블 하이어뮤직🔥 올해의 허슬러 박재범🔥


    JINJOO LEE3 months ago


  112. 선

    3 months ago

    골든 목소리 계속 맴돌아👀👂 하이어~~😍

  113. Ope F.

    Ope F.3 months ago

    On a different level, cant wait!

  114. Hye-rin

    Hye-rin3 months ago

    Ok so who is practising Kabbalah at H1GHR, I am getting a lot of mysticism vibes from this 1:54 esp with the pillars and tree!

  115. Tay P

    Tay P3 months ago

    Eu vou propagar esse album aos 4 cantos