TELÉFONO Remix (Lyric Video) - pH-1, HAON, Woodie Gochild, Jay Park, Sik-K, TRADE L, Big Naughty

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The First-ever H1GHR MUSIC Compilation Album release!
'Our New Chapter has begun'
Prod by WOOGIE
Instagram: h1ghrmusic
[H1GHR : RED TAPE] 2020.09.02
[H1GHR : BLUE TAPE] 2020.09.16
#H1GHRMUSIC #하이어뮤직



    JAY PARK2 months ago

    what a bunch of cutie pies lol RED TAPE OUT NOW BLUE TAPE 09.16 하이어 뮤직 타코사랑은 영원해!!

  2. Alina Lavi

    Alina Lavi6 days ago

    dude, you act like a father that loves to embarrass your sons LMAO!!!

  3. Destructive Daisy

    Destructive Daisy9 days ago

    Yesss my thoughts exactly. Hot af.

  4. 심재문

    심재문Month ago

    @yun kim ㅋ

  5. satan1

    satan1Month ago

    He said cutie pies

  6. haseena mayuri

    haseena mayuriMonth ago


  7. winter elf

    winter elf17 hours ago

    That's a sick beat

  8. Adèle SERY

    Adèle SERYDay ago

    Trade-L killed it here, definitely my favourite part !

  9. illinng

    illinngDay ago

    identical bit with princess nokia - i like him... who took from whom (

  10. 화났직

    화났직2 days ago

    이건 다시봐도 Big Naughty가 잘하네

  11. Keri85

    Keri852 days ago

    I can’t stop listening to this song! Someone help! Anyway everyone is amazing, Jay Park did an awesome job with all these guys on his label! Shout out to the teenagers spitting 🔥

  12. Alice Smith

    Alice Smith2 days ago

    Sik-K looks so fine here


    NADIA VIM2 days ago

    Soy de México...y sus acento puff increíble... Ahora quiero aprenderme una parte de la canción ✨❤️📱📞

  14. Maria Camila Carrero Serrano

    Maria Camila Carrero Serrano3 days ago

    This song was dedicated to my dad, especially in the part where they say "I don't have a phone" thanks

  15. Ceci Yebra

    Ceci Yebra3 days ago

    Sik-k 😭💞

  16. Dafne VM

    Dafne VM3 days ago

    es tan genial el tema de MEXICO en el video esta chido el concepto!!!

  17. Yordanos Wolday

    Yordanos Wolday4 days ago


  18. Victor Acob

    Victor Acob4 days ago

    3:35 - 4:42 지누션 reference (from the song “Phone Number” by 지누션)

  19. Byke

    Byke4 days ago

    wait i am confused... are they advertising a taco? jk lol that was fire tho

  20. Min Lynn

    Min Lynn4 days ago

    Weeeey!!! Que hermoso ver mi Guanajuato al comienzo del video 🥺💜💜💜💜💜 Esto es simplemente arte

  21. 지은이짱짱

    지은이짱짱4 days ago

    This song is real 🔥🔥🔥🔥but I hope koreans don't think Mexicans wear hats and panchos all the time 😅 well at least in Mexico City we don't wear that at all.

  22. Chloe B

    Chloe B4 days ago

    we gettin close to 1M here whohoh

  23. Nilse Larroza

    Nilse Larroza5 days ago

    todavía no superó creo que nunca voy a superar esta musica amo

  24. Megha Shastry

    Megha Shastry6 days ago

    About 1000 views from this video are definitely mine.

  25. 유림

    유림6 days ago

    0:42 하온이 등장!!

  26. NJL

    NJL6 days ago

    Ya vengan a México 😭😭

  27. W Aguilera

    W Aguilera7 days ago

    No se si habla de México o Argentina

  28. Monsta M

    Monsta M7 days ago

    2:35 okay, but WHO is that!? Is voice and flow is just WOOW

  29. Chloe B

    Chloe B4 days ago

    Sik k ! he is amzaing enlisted rn tho

  30. juanh120

    juanh1207 days ago

    Ufff- Cuanto flow¡¡

  31. 쿠황

    쿠황9 days ago

    와 노래 완전 좋네요 하온이형 파트가 제일 제 스타일이네여 그리고 빅나티랑 트레이드엘 등장할때 두명 다 겁나 멋있어요 우디고도 확실히 예전보다많이 좋네여 민식이형은 군대 갔는데....흑 재범이형은 역시 크으으으

  32. Hiba Yanni

    Hiba Yanni9 days ago

    Look at this unique song 😍😍😍😍😍

  33. 김트수

    김트수10 days ago

    타코집 광고삽입곡인가요?

  34. solitarywitch_

    solitarywitch_11 days ago

    Está bien perrón los amo 💜💜💜

  35. kishmishhh

    kishmishhh12 days ago

    Duudeee the part from big naughty "she said where you from I said f you girl I'm done" YOOO THAS SO GOOODDD ITS STUCK IN MY HEAD

  36. kaonashi's playlists

    kaonashi's playlists13 days ago

    Sik-K in a choker is all I ever needed and more


    NANA VARGAS13 days ago

    hahahahaha god what did I just see ?, the song is catchy also his rap is good 😂😂😂😂

  38. 지은이짱짱

    지은이짱짱13 days ago


  39. Andy Rava

    Andy Rava13 days ago

    Si llega al millón, que H1ghr music venga a latinoamerica! :D

  40. Soy Anonimo

    Soy Anonimo13 days ago

    Desde Argentina sin poder dejar de escuchar este temonnn

  41. Katijimo Jimo

    Katijimo Jimo14 days ago

    HAON!!!HAON!!!HAON!!!! I just wanted to say that name. That's it.

  42. 곤방와

    곤방와14 days ago

    세계최악의 타코 광고

  43. Yxaxyxa

    Yxaxyxa16 days ago

    Highr music is invited to the carne asada!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Debbie 19

    Debbie 1916 days ago

    soooo goood ....

  45. 박시현.

    박시현.16 days ago

    빅나티파트 개좋네ㅡㅡ

  46. Shay

    Shay16 days ago

    Dónde están las ridículas con su “apropiación cultural”? xd esto es una joya 🔥✨✨✨

  47. 유림

    유림16 days ago


  48. Shaine Guligado Garcia

    Shaine Guligado Garcia17 days ago

    trade-l's lisp is adorable

  49. Huong Dao

    Huong Dao17 days ago

    Oh look it's Woogie and his glass again!

  50. Raven

    Raven17 days ago

    Soooo nobody is gonna talk about how insanely hot Sik K is in this video????

  51. Nona G

    Nona G17 days ago

    I am not hispanic/ Latino(a) nor from Latin America, but is this cultural appropriation for you guys? I'm half Black and half Native American- so I have my fair share of people from my race get upset at things like this. I honestly don't know where to stand with the phrase "cultural appropriation." 🤦🏾‍♀️

  52. Nona G

    Nona G16 days ago

    @Danna Santillán Oh, your English was perfect! No problem lol. Thanks for the input 😊

  53. Danna Santillán

    Danna Santillán16 days ago

    I am Mexican and it just doesn't seem like cultural appropriation to me, I even find it nice that they represent my culture, as long as they don't make fun of culture, it's enough. (Sorry for my English)

  54. 유림

    유림17 days ago

    완전 좋아♥️♥️♥️

  55. 유림

    유림17 days ago


  56. Esperanza Martín

    Esperanza Martín17 days ago


  57. Juan Angel Galán Vite

    Juan Angel Galán Vite17 days ago

    What a apropiación cultural 😂😂👍🥃

  58. World Of Rach

    World Of Rach18 days ago

    funniest thing I have watched in a while. HAHA

  59. atheena jomaira

    atheena jomaira18 days ago

    its now november but still cant afford to buy the album, im young dumb and broke

  60. novagotnojams

    novagotnojams15 days ago

    Lmaooo mood sis

  61. Camila S.

    Camila S.18 days ago

    The jungla line got me 😂 I think you meant to say it as hungla

  62. Soy Anonimo

    Soy Anonimo18 days ago

    Omg cantaron en español AME 💙🇦🇷

  63. Miranda CCR

    Miranda CCR19 days ago

    Why Big Naughty verse is always sooo satisficing?

  64. jess

    jess19 days ago

    this is so lit

  65. Jazel Negrillo

    Jazel Negrillo19 days ago

    The hook is so good, period! great music

  66. 박지영

    박지영19 days ago

    재범오빠❤타코사랑 뮤비ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 노래도 좋구 영상도 재밌어서 계속보게됨ㅋㅋㅋ

  67. 날아라우주선

    날아라우주선19 days ago

    릴쿠기형아 이고는 안해주남

  68. Andrea Gutiérrez

    Andrea Gutiérrez19 days ago

    Recientemente escucho está canción, ahaha ahora estoy todo el día "Yo no tengo teléfono" xD ¡Te amo Jay park!

  69. Kpop VIXX

    Kpop VIXX19 days ago

    0:08 TACO CUESTA jajsj 👍 Jay Park 사랑해! !!! 💕

  70. Kpop VIXX

    Kpop VIXX19 days ago

    OMG jajsj Muy buena canción 👍💖

  71. 우유바나나

    우유바나나21 day ago

    teléfono (romanized) She said "Where you from" Seoul City nae ajiteu Illo waseo manjyeobwado dwae My chain links on my baji Mutjima raepeodeul Latest gossip Nan an hae Talking Allyeogo deuljima nae beonho Yo no tengo teléfono Da masin keobeun sae geollo Deowi mot maga eeokeon Uri ttaeme ne oppa bae apa Gyaen maebeon H1GHR ttaemppang Eodi gaseo hajima Namedrop Just stop that You got that? Nunchikkeot mutjima nae beonho Yo no tengo teléfono Daeche mwo hareo mureobwa nae beonho Hwaginhan daeume Lock Bireomeokji nae siganeul Look, I'm in the studio Neoga nal chajeul ttaeman No tengo teléfono Nan jjeoltaeng neon taelleonteuro Byeongyeong geuryeobwado geuraepeuro No banjeon bogo sipdae gyae ireum bakkwo geuregeuro Pillyohaji ana neoui Advise Naega neoreul ttareudani seolma Nuni itdamyeon nae juwireul bwabwa Witjibeneun Jwa Cha Cha Yojeumeneun maeilmaeil Work out Hae tteoreojimyeon That's prime time Sigan ttawi eopseo sanggwan Eommarado jeonhwa an bada Nae jeonhwabeonho apjarimankeum Jeongukgu daepyo 010 Dwitjari algo sipeo Jul seon jasikdeureun Meonjeo Money talk Nae jeonhwabeonhobuneun uyu pongdang Whip that sweety joripong But jeonhwa nono Pussy hoe Saekkya nae beonho tto doemureo bwado Jeoldae Never know Don dwae boyeo songnae deoreowo Geu judungi naemsaedo An badeo gyang beonho moreuneun jeonhwa Nae yeollakcheo anim kkeonwa Seoulsi modeun Block deurui ppeonhan gyeolmal Nawabari Of the flocc She said "Where you from" Seoul City nae ajiteu Illo waseo manjyeobwado dwae My chain links on my baji Mutjima raepeodeul Latest gossip Nan an hae Talking Allyeogo deuljima nae beonho Yo no tengo teléfono Da masin keobeun sae geollo Deowi mot maga eeokeon Uri ttaeme ne oppa bae apa Gyaen maebeon H1GHR ttaemppang Eodi gaseo hajima Namedrop Just stop that You got that? Nunchikkeot mutjima nae beonho Yo no tengo teléfono No tengo Gachi chumchwobwa Let's tango Daril jjijeobwa Yeah chejo Yeongwonhi biwa naui yebo Yo no tengo teléfono But me tengo hella Pesos Got chips got dip Chile con queso Senorita dame un beso I been lookin for a mami like you Ne kkumkkwotji igeon De ja vu Simjang ttwieo machim Kangaroo Shit be jumping jumpin jumpin Bitches try to take my style En la jungla we go wild Blazed like we on that loud H1GHR gang pao pao pao Brrrrr moreuneun Numero de teléfono Naneun anya Casanova Geunde beonhoneun dueo gaessik Waenya ajikdo chueoge gyesil Imman san toemul ajaessideureul Geuge gajang swipge jaekkineun Beobira baewo Minsigiran saekkineun Naengjeonghan sesang Allyeo julgeon eopji Him ppaeseo mwohae Yeuireul da charyeojul geon eopji Neorang nan bujaejung tonghwa jeongdoui sai Araseo ollawa Nado mot dowajwo jeo yesaneun She said "Where you from" Seoul City nae ajiteu Illo waseo manjyeobwado dwae My chain links on my baji Mutjima raepeodeul Latest gossip Nan an hae Talking Allyeogo deuljima nae beonho Yo no tengo teléfono Da masin keobeun sae geollo Deowi mot maga eeokeon Uri ttaeme ne oppa bae apa Gyaen maebeon H1GHR ttaemppang Eodi gaseo hajima Namedrop Just stop that You got that? Nunchikkeot mutjima nae beonho Yo no tengo teléfono Hwajangsil danyeowatdanikka Mot badeun jeonhwaga myeot tongi wainneunji Nan neoreul molla ijen seolmyeongi an doeji Geu beonhoga mwon beonhoinji Malhaebwa ullyeodaeneun geon jeonhwagiga anya Bae apaseo neon Lay low Allami myeot gaega waitji Il hana mirwosseul ppuninde naeillo Just stop that You got that? Nunchikkeot mutjima nae beonho Gyaen tto naegero waseo hal mal itdago Say Geudaeui ireumdo seongdo nan pillyo eopso Hajiman jeongmallo wonhaneun ge hana itso Apdwiga ttokgateun nae beonho Apdwiga dareun saekkideureun da kkeojigo Yeoljungswieo charyeo swieo Kkondae saekkideul da eopdeuryeo ppeotchigo Jeonhwa georeo beoryeo Gyaene beonho beoryeo Geunyang teoreo beoreo O man Neone Gotta go to bottom Urin doneul georeo Baji naeryeo beoryeo O damn She said "Where you from" I said fuck you girl I'm done Jeollugaseo ne chingudeurirang nora Ojima yeogi O Oh Allyeogo hajima nae beonho Yo no tengo teléfono Damn I'm getting h-i-g-h Oh you wanna r-i-de

  72. Evy Ramírez

    Evy Ramírez21 day ago

    Si, si, si México bien representado.

  73. Veronica Tr

    Veronica Tr22 days ago

    Cuando se animarán a hacer gira en Latinoamérica 😭..!! Yo les compro teléfono a todos pero vengan

  74. D Ξ Δ N

    D Ξ Δ N23 days ago


  75. Itzel Castellanos

    Itzel Castellanos24 days ago

    ¡Deben de venir a México!

  76. kire키리

    kire키리24 days ago

    mexicoreanos lolol 🇲🇽 🇰🇷 💯

  77. 쟈가지캬피

    쟈가지캬피25 days ago

    설마 동현이가 하온이 초심 돌아오라고 꿀벌 티 입은거냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ +)귀여웡

  78. EK맞선임

    EK맞선임25 days ago

    서동현 ek플로우가 들리네

  79. Nancy Maza

    Nancy Maza25 days ago

    That Jinusean sample of Phone Number was perfect

  80. Aesu Lee

    Aesu Lee27 days ago

    좋은영상 모든멤버들. 너무멋있어 하이어뮤직 완전대박

  81. María Jesús Pizarro

    María Jesús Pizarro27 days ago

    Amé el MV y el remix, me gusta que incluyan frases/palabras en español y hagan el esfuerzo de pronunciar lo mejor posible. Los amo. Si bien me encanta ver representación de la cultura latina en un MV de H1GHR, sería lindo si se acordaran que latino no es sinónimo de mexicano, solamente; y recuerden que habemos más paises en latinoamérica (solo lo digo como comentario constructivo, no me salgan atacar, que no me enoja el tema xD)

  82. María Jesús Pizarro

    María Jesús Pizarro20 days ago

    @Sam siii 100% de acuerdo contigo, si el MV entero está ambientado con temática mexicana; aún que no sabía que Jay amaba su comida. Igual amo que en general pronuncien bien el "no tengo teléfono"

  83. Sam

    Sam21 day ago

    Pero creo que su completa intención era representar solo a México por que Jay ama lo comida Mexicana jaja

  84. Thay Cho Jung

    Thay Cho Jung27 days ago

    I loved that song. I am ever listen when im studying

  85. Jardón Katia

    Jardón Katia27 days ago

    De aquí pal otro año me aprendo correctamente la canción,pa cantarla con ustedes cuando vengan a CDMX jsjs

  86. Asu Lee

    Asu Lee29 days ago

    하이어뮤직 완전대박 모든멤버들 감사합니다

  87. 녹수성

    녹수성29 days ago

    역시재범 대단해 모든멤버들 완전대박 미쳤어 정말좋다 하이어 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  88. mark iu

    mark iu29 days ago


  89. Maryfer Ayala

    Maryfer Ayala29 days ago

    me encanto jaja

  90. 【another account】

    【another account】29 days ago

    Y luego? Cuando vienen a Mexico para que me digan yo no tengo teléfono ? :(

  91. Lu Han Mei

    Lu Han MeiMonth ago


  92. Victoria

    VictoriaMonth ago

    cant believe haon is spitting like that like tf he´s so young how is he so good

  93. Jess Sá

    Jess SáMonth ago

    so acho que voces deveriam vir pro brasil fazer show aqui viu ICONES DEMAIS

  94. Pink April

    Pink AprilMonth ago

    Haon be killing me with that lean back walk 😂😂😂 like boy stand up straight

  95. evelyn duran ruiz

    evelyn duran ruizMonth ago

    Se me antoja una carnita asada con esta rolita de fondo. Desde la primera vez que la escuché me encantó.

  96. Mariana Santos

    Mariana SantosMonth ago

    I'm SO addicted

  97. Suset Gil

    Suset GilMonth ago

    ¡¡Me encanta esto!!!! ¡¡¡¡Yo no tengo teléfono!!!🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤😀

  98. B R

    B RMonth ago

    Pushing the boundaries for the conceptualization of boyband choreo-dancing when doing that lowkey two step linedance!

  99. HL Royale

    HL RoyaleMonth ago

    JOYITA DE CANCIÓN ❤️ Fuerza Mexa ❤️

  100. Kay. Doza

    Kay. DozaMonth ago

    Those tacos y quesadillas would have tasted better with El Milagro SMHHH LMAOO

  101. koobi's

    koobi'sMonth ago

    man hace poco descubrí la musica k-hiphop y ver esto me hace sentir tan bien KSVFKFJFJ amo

  102. odahlani

    odahlaniMonth ago

    Hi from malaysia

  103. 정표

    정표Month ago

    무심코 지나가는 길에 제 댓글을 보셧다면 당신은 천운이 함께 할 것 입니답. 구독 좋아요 누르시고 이제 행복만 가득하세요 당신의 2021년은 최고의 한해가 될것입니다...

  104. Tamara Teletina

    Tamara TeletinaMonth ago

    When will the dance practice be released?? 😂

  105. Koyo Media

    Koyo MediaMonth ago


  106. StoneFreeSofie

    StoneFreeSofieMonth ago

    3:36 yooo that Jinusean reference thoooo :D

  107. Kai Leo

    Kai LeoMonth ago

    sik k fine as hell

  108. Lizette Avila

    Lizette AvilaMonth ago


  109. Vayne's Daddy

    Vayne's DaddyMonth ago

    lemme tell you my mexican family approved of this vid + song AND YET THEY STILL ARE GONNA CALL Y’ALL CHINITOS- i hate it here

  110. Phoenix7

    Phoenix7Month ago

    Jay really has an eye for talent AND great people overall. Everyone seems like really nice people with a crazy amount of talent~!

  111. Linda Recio

    Linda RecioMonth ago

    This is my new favorite drive song. 🔥🔥🔥