28AV - OFF WHITE (feat. Dolce Drako) (Official Video)

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  1. Icey AK

    Icey AKDay ago


  2. jordan michael

    jordan michael4 days ago



    SMOKEHOUSE SYNDICATE Seattle6 days ago

    RIP Drako! This video is dope

  4. Oshea Luckett

    Oshea Luckett7 days ago

    Love My CUDDIE DRAKO! Real Shit Never DIES!!! R.I.L. & This Shit Goes Forever!!! #206 A$$A$$IN Seattle NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Derrick sremog

    Derrick sremog11 days ago

    Y'all better put some RESPECT on Danny....yuh hurrrr...206

  6. Fanny Florez

    Fanny Florez22 days ago

    Dis is trash

  7. 빈지노

    빈지노Month ago

    일반인들 릴키드 개따라하네 ㅋㅋ

  8. Hāuss Diablo

    Hāuss DiabloMonth ago

    this ain't it

  9. Mobby Da Most

    Mobby Da MostMonth ago

    Str8up 😤😤😤

  10. Kingz Amongst

    Kingz AmongstMonth ago

    My big Cut cut drako a real Hood Thug with ambitions and heart a real one Fo sho from the 28th and Jackson 100 “”””””””we we been hella 100

  11. sunflower

    sunflowerMonth ago

    can't wait for more!

  12. Roselovenight Nightsun

    Roselovenight NightsunMonth ago

    This is why Jay Park posted parts of this music on his instagram and people thought he got hacked..

  13. Timothy Jardiolin

    Timothy JardiolinMonth ago

    Haters gonna hate anyways! These new artist deserves more attention

  14. 2 0 2 0

    2 0 2 0Month ago


  15. ChipMasta

    ChipMastaMonth ago

    uslikes.info/house/gGydmdGJ0Xusl7o/video.html 그것을 체크 아웃

  16. Cro Sam

    Cro SamMonth ago

    와 비트 직인다. SO dope beat.

  17. joy joy

    joy joyMonth ago


  18. eljesa imeri

    eljesa imeri2 months ago

    Am gonna be truthful the music sounds good and all and the beat phuu i like it! but why does it always have to be a naked woman in the videos 😐 it's disturbing

  19. Meatzone

    MeatzoneMonth ago

    What's disturbing about it?

  20. BreAnnah Garcia

    BreAnnah GarciaMonth ago


  21. 이종찬

    이종찬2 months ago

    28av 조금 듣기 거북한게 있었는데 이번꺼는 ㄹㅇ좋네


    SLICK MANN2 months ago


  23. J Money

    J Money2 months ago


  24. 유르프떠남유성진의기록채널오세요

    유르프떠남유성진의기록채널오세요2 months ago

    하하! 하이어 멤버들 ㅁㅊ네요 리얼.. 하빠~~~

  25. Vilhelm Stein

    Vilhelm Stein2 months ago

    Really thought this would get more views

  26. Rafh evolution

    Rafh evolution2 months ago


  27. Rafh evolution

    Rafh evolution2 months ago


  28. Riceball

    Riceball2 months ago

    I mean it's all cool and shit, but it's just so different from what I'm used to see from h1ghr music 😅. Collabing with 88rising would be a better fit

  29. OK OK

    OK OK2 months ago

    oh lord when the beat dropped out of nowhere.. I didn't expected it haha dang I was in it already-

  30. ɒɪaɴa

    ɒɪaɴa2 months ago


  31. KRUI

    KRUI2 months ago

    I understand if people don't like his music style, but that doesn't mean he should be dropped or booted off the label. At the end of the day, it's just our personal opinions. If you don't like it, move on. There's no need to spread the negativity. I am not personally a huge fan of this song in particular, but I respect the man's hustle. All love.

  32. shining lion

    shining lion2 months ago


  33. shining lion

    shining lion2 months ago


  34. mz seattle

    mz seattle2 months ago


  35. Clarita Viteri

    Clarita Viteri2 months ago

    INTERNATIONAL LABEL 🔥 let them expand their horizon with their artists.

  36. D. Brookes206

    D. Brookes2062 months ago

    100K on the chain..... maybe 10K..... HE KEEP IT CLEAN THO!!

  37. maru P

    maru P2 months ago

    is this talent for higher?? sad

  38. latrice love

    latrice love2 months ago

    Y’all so negative it’s crazy. Some of all just like the Korean side of the label and it shows.

  39. Richard Ruma

    Richard Ruma2 months ago

    If 88rising collabs with Higher Music hmm sounds good 😅

  40. 김태훈

    김태훈2 months ago

    외힙느낌 난다고 하지마 외힙이니까 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  41. Kristina Makoviy

    Kristina Makoviy2 months ago

    Amazing video!!🔥🔥🔥

  42. Tmea Alexa

    Tmea Alexa2 months ago

    theee girrrllll omfggg shes so beautiful

  43. evelyn lim

    evelyn lim2 months ago

    One word for Jay Park... "Innovator."

  44. 홍승목

    홍승목2 months ago

    한국인: ? 이노베이터...?

  45. Mz. Crazy Lady

    Mz. Crazy Lady2 months ago

    😍🥰🤩 when the music and the ass is amazing

  46. lilmamagc

    lilmamagc2 months ago

    Oh wow another video objectifying women. You see, when I see that mess, I don't even give the song a listen. If they would take that mess out, I'd listen to their music

  47. Meatzone

    MeatzoneMonth ago

    So you are a Jay Park hater also? I cant respect you. bye bye

  48. JSNG

    JSNG2 months ago

    say that to Jay Park- MOMMAE

  49. Vilhelm Stein

    Vilhelm Stein2 months ago

    Pretty sure the woman in the video wasn't feeling that way







  52. Paula Blue

    Paula Blue2 months ago

    h1ghr stan não dorme 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Aesu Lee

    Aesu Lee2 months ago

    너무멋있어 대박이다

  54. Yasmin Kini

    Yasmin Kini2 months ago


  55. ED

    ED2 months ago

    Such a shame jarv dee left but avatar darko didnt... lol

  56. 녹수성

    녹수성2 months ago

    너무멋있어 좋은영상 너무좋다

  57. Asli Ahmed

    Asli Ahmed2 months ago

    hey i never think highr music was world wide label!!! 🤘🤘 it is fire tho

  58. Vilhelm Stein

    Vilhelm Stein2 months ago

    Don't even know what that was, but I fuck with it 💯💣💥

  59. Tamara Oreshkin

    Tamara Oreshkin2 months ago

    Im part of russian community in both seattle and new york AV is super connected 🤫

  60. luckyinblue

    luckyinblue2 months ago

    This low key slaps 🔥

  61. Jennifer Sullivan

    Jennifer Sullivan2 months ago

    H1GHR just throwing crazy talent all around us, diverse talent at that, respect

  62. 넌성장한거야

    넌성장한거야2 months ago


  63. Matthew

    Matthew2 months ago

    This ain't it chief.

  64. 2 0 2 0

    2 0 2 02 months ago


  65. 2 O 2 O

    2 O 2 O2 months ago


  66. Sharon Jackson

    Sharon Jackson2 months ago

    Hell yes Seattle, 28Av Dolce Higher music Kings Talent so awesome you cant be denid ,,Greatness So so proud keep doing what you do, pray for the haters, I know im being hated on too keep your head up !! Showcasing Seattles hiphop talent so cool, love ya Fam!!!! Sha Sha!! Litt ass song! Sha!

  67. Karina Borromeo

    Karina Borromeo2 months ago

    H1GHR MUSIC never stop. PeriodT.

  68. hafida Kaito

    hafida Kaito2 months ago


  69. Serina M

    Serina M2 months ago


  70. hiyachristi

    hiyachristi2 months ago

    H1GHR GANG international 🙌 🔥

  71. David N

    David N2 months ago

    someone drop the @ of the girl

  72. 사탄

    사탄2 months ago

    저 여자 Moriah Mills 일 거 같은데

  73. David Lee

    David Lee2 months ago

    hey haters, shut up. never knock another mans hustle.

  74. Lay Moreno

    Lay Moreno2 months ago

    You right

  75. kurry

    kurry2 months ago

    Stop being negative! If y'all forgot, this is an international label. If you're into khiphop, hold youreself from being racist, close the vid and move on. Otherwise, this is fire! and shout out to jay for supporting the underground Seattle hip hop scene. Looking forward for soufs soufs turn.

  76. kurry

    kurry2 months ago

    @Slick there's literally people saying why's there a white guy on a Korean label or bashing him because of his ethnicity.

  77. Slick

    Slick2 months ago

    I agree with you but don't bring "racism" out of no where for no reason, this isn't twitter. I personally enjoyed the song, glad to see h1ghr doing great.

  78. JM Xaily

    JM Xaily2 months ago

    Damn, este hombre siempre tiene un ritmo flipante 🔥🔥

  79. Dulce Rodríguez

    Dulce Rodríguez2 months ago


  80. 237 Doogie

    237 Doogie2 months ago

    fakest white dude eva!

  81. Asu Lee

    Asu Lee2 months ago

    역시재범 대단해요 시애틀에서 너무좋은데요 멋있어 좋은영상 감사합니다

  82. 넌성장한거야

    넌성장한거야2 months ago

    와 하이어외힙느낌 존나나길래했는데 진짜외힙이였구나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  83. Elizabeth Cao

    Elizabeth Cao2 months ago

    are those dreads on the white boi.......

  84. Meatzone

    MeatzoneMonth ago

    @nunmisonu haha xD wow

  85. CallMeFahu

    CallMeFahu2 months ago

    @nunmisonu than go and tell that to all of his black friends he grew up with that he calls brother, he is more than just a white person. He may be white on the out side but in the inside he dont no different than any other hood nigga tryna make it. it is what it is.

  86. nunmisonu

    nunmisonu2 months ago

    hes still white. Dreads and braids have a history‐‐ imagine how tired we blacks are.

  87. CallMeFahu

    CallMeFahu2 months ago

    yea its called growing up in the hood

  88. Easy Bake

    Easy Bake2 months ago

    According to his bio, he is Estonian-born American and both parents are white Ukrainian/Russian.

  89. 박Tasia

    박Tasia2 months ago

    Y’all stay hating lmao. Get off him 🤣

  90. Jin Raigami

    Jin Raigami2 months ago

    I swear this MV is on the level of US mv right now. 1 or 2 dudes singing with a girl in bikini twerking, and boom, they are rich. That's quite lazy. I pity Korean or other singers whose MVs cost arms and legs, and they are treated as not as good as those who sing in English.

  91. Carina Gonzalez

    Carina Gonzalez2 months ago

    Well there are different trends and styles in US and Korea, the reason this MV feels US is because it was filmed in the US and is US (simile videos like this are SOB and Shoreline Mafia) h1gher music is a international label not just Korean.

  92. CallMeFahu

    CallMeFahu2 months ago

    its rap tho rap dont ever need a big budget

  93. Jin Raigami

    Jin Raigami2 months ago

    @237 Doogie Lol, but they are not from the labels that have a ton of money, but they can achieve the same thing meaning Murican big labels are getting lazier and lazier. I have nothing against these 2 guys.

  94. Jin Raigami

    Jin Raigami2 months ago

    @kurry Must be hurt hearing your Murican singers are not that great. And must be even hurter than they are singing for a Korean label.

  95. kurry

    kurry2 months ago

    Bruh, 28av barely gets any views and this is the american part of the label you don't have to like it. Just get your koreaboo ass out of here

  96. 지금시각은몇시일까요?

    지금시각은몇시일까요?2 months ago

    역시 미국스타일

  97. Tulips2Kiss

    Tulips2Kiss2 months ago

    why yall haven't dropped this white guy yet I'll never understand

  98. Jeniffer Park

    Jeniffer Park2 months ago


  99. Randomize

    Randomize2 months ago

    man im glad jay is tryna help out the Seattle scene but avatar is straight up not good, theres better PNW talent out there.

  100. 송교현

    송교현2 months ago

    처음보는 사람인데 이런 느낌까지 하이어가 소화하는거 보면 올해 레이블 거의 확정인거같네

  101. yourmom21

    yourmom212 months ago

    He was so lit at H1GHR Music tour 2 years ago! back with another banger 🔥

  102. Bree Thomas

    Bree Thomas2 months ago

    I was at the concert in Seattle. It was so lit!

  103. Joshua Kim

    Joshua Kim2 months ago

    28AV가 동영상에서 누구에요?

  104. Joshua Kim

    Joshua Kim2 months ago

    아니 저희다 똑같은 사람 말하고 있네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  105. 이름

    이름2 months ago

    머리땋은사람이여 조끼입고있고 +주황

  106. al lx

    al lx2 months ago

    팔에 문신한 백인이여

  107. Joshua Kim

    Joshua Kim2 months ago

    선글라스쓴 분이죠?

  108. Kodari Zorim

    Kodari Zorim2 months ago

    러시아계 미국인

  109. west ruiz

    west ruiz2 months ago


  110. Graciela Míriam Rueda León

    Graciela Míriam Rueda León2 months ago

    Que es esto y porque me gustó.♥️

  111. Just_in

    Just_in2 months ago

    28AV is growing

  112. Tati a

    Tati a2 months ago

    Love this label

  113. 김소영

    김소영2 months ago

  114. CallMeFahu

    CallMeFahu2 months ago

    lets gooo av

  115. DeanOOR 93

    DeanOOR 932 months ago

    28av is dope, I'm glad he's grinding heavy


    DRUNK ON HENNY2 months ago

    I love it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  117. Samoan Roots

    Samoan Roots2 months ago

    Big S/O to 28Av for holdin it down and reppin his hood. I'm feelin this joint right here. The back and forth, I fuck with. Mmmm-mmmm!! 🍑🍑🍑

  118. Kaykay2Rz Seattle

    Kaykay2Rz Seattle2 months ago

    Seattle talent 😁😁😁

  119. Lay Moreno

    Lay Moreno2 months ago

    I'm happy we have another lil pump I love this

  120. Lay Moreno

    Lay Moreno2 months ago

    Wait is they new rappers I want more they hard

  121. Andy Vu

    Andy Vu2 months ago

    it's a vybe

  122. ᄋᄋ

    ᄋᄋ2 months ago

    얘들 하이어 소속인가요??

  123. [쉼표]Shimpwo

    [쉼표]Shimpwo2 months ago

    하이어가 한국하고 시에틀에서 활동

  124. 넌성장한거야

    넌성장한거야2 months ago


  125. al lx

    al lx2 months ago

    시애틀 멤버

  126. 오른팔

    오른팔2 months ago

    ㅇㅇ 외국에서 활동하는 맴버일걸요

  127. 박지수

    박지수2 months ago

    하이어 채널이란 것에 눈을 의심함

  128. Cro Sam

    Cro Sam2 months ago

    어쩐지 랩이 약간 외힙느낌나네.

  129. 0루

    0루2 months ago

    @al lx 28av 개좋음 ㄹㅇ

  130. 넌성장한거야

    넌성장한거야2 months ago

    하이어미국 ㄷㄷ

  131. al lx

    al lx2 months ago

    28AV가 Avatar Darko였는데 이름 바꾼거라 하이어 소속이에요

  132. gorilla grip coochie

    gorilla grip coochie2 months ago

    I’m so excited!!!!

  133. gorilla grip coochie

    gorilla grip coochie2 months ago

    Update idk who these men are ?

  134. 박종현

    박종현2 months ago


  135. yin !!!

    yin !!!2 months ago