WOOGIE - PARADISE (Feat. ROMderful & punchnello) (Visualizer)

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Instagram: woogie_park
Facebook: bit.ly/2Cgq1pk
Twitter: woogie_park
Instagram: h1ghrmusic
Generative art by Kohui
Creative direction & production by SOL STUDIO
#punchnello #ROMderful
#H1GHRMUSIC #하이어뮤직


  1. Minh Châu

    Minh Châu7 hours ago

    hay tuyệt vời luôn anh ạ thế nhé em thấy tiếc cho những người không biết đến cái nhạc này đấy? họ kém may mắn thậccc

  2. Minh Châu

    Minh Châu7 hours ago

    pà ra pà ra đaiiiiiiii

  3. Minh Châu

    Minh Châu7 hours ago

    hay thế điên à TT

  4. minsik melanin handsome シ

    minsik melanin handsome シ2 days ago

    the VIBES

  5. Angie Sanchez

    Angie Sanchez3 days ago


  6. Le So

    Le So4 days ago

    크 취하고싶다 수능 일주일 남은 고삼인데

  7. Genius Suga!

    Genius Suga!5 days ago

    when I first heard the first part it gave me cuco vibes but other than that this song is amazing



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  9. Mel H

    Mel H6 days ago

    I need a car to drive myself to the beach and watch the sunset. Aaaah I wish so bad, thank you Woogie 🥰

  10. mi young song

    mi young song6 days ago

    너무 아름다워. 애정이 막솟구쳐..🌈💗

  11. 황당무지 moozi

    황당무지 moozi6 days ago


  12. 森謙一

    森謙一6 days ago


  13. Айтурган Самат кызы 10Б

    Айтурган Самат кызы 10Б6 days ago

    this song is awesome,боже идеально ПРОСТО ИДЕАЛЬНО!жаль так мало просмотров...

  14. 아앗

    아앗6 days ago

    나른하고 몽환적이고..

  15. ARA

    ARA7 days ago

    Needless to say, its Woogie❤💯💯💯. 😘😘😘

  16. Nz B o y d

    Nz B o y d7 days ago

    Soooooooo Perfect! 👌❤️😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Daniela Chunga M.

    Daniela Chunga M.8 days ago

    OMG, Woogie is so talented, please support him he never will disappoint you in each comeback that he will do :))

  18. Masande Staff

    Masande Staff8 days ago

    Big naughty

  19. 아무거나채널

    아무거나채널8 days ago

    와 진짜 존나좋다..

  20. Jota Prasadha4

    Jota Prasadha48 days ago

    Im Listen to this song while see the best view of green ricefield and coconut tree infront my house in Ubud , Bali its amazing , enjoy the vibe yoo ~

  21. khhstan jvckizinha

    khhstan jvckizinha8 days ago

    Música lindas

  22. kata majoros

    kata majoros8 days ago

    not me coming here because of the funny teasers *and then freaking falling in love this song it's so cool omggg*

  23. MMM 1

    MMM 18 days ago

    Just came here after seeing video of hwasa and wheein. The song is great and relaxing btw

  24. Fiseng

    Fiseng8 days ago

    Because of the drama of some artist in a nother world Im here

  25. 진수

    진수8 days ago

    Yeah I’m in paradise.🌴

  26. Not Eve

    Not Eve8 days ago

    woogie has no bad songs. don't even argue.

  27. Amarilla Guerrero, Patricia Ma. Elizabeth

    Amarilla Guerrero, Patricia Ma. Elizabeth9 days ago

    LO NECESITO con subtítulos en español uwu

  28. Sacha

    Sacha9 days ago

    ROMderful did such a good job on this track 👏🏾👏🏾

  29. Miguk Mystic

    Miguk Mystic9 days ago

    This vibe tho


    NEHA GUPTA9 days ago

    Captions please💫

  31. Save Ferris

    Save Ferris9 days ago


  32. g vonvon

    g vonvon9 days ago


  33. 이재리

    이재리9 days ago

    뭐야 틀자마자 좋아 뭐야이거 뭐지미친 개좋은데? 말랑말랑하고 노릇노릇하고 나른하고느긋하고 묘한데???

  34. Semangkuk Cendol

    Semangkuk Cendol9 days ago


  35. Sakugou -

    Sakugou -9 days ago

    Omg, vine por la actuacion de whasa Y wheein, y Dios, alta joyita que me encontré


    GOOD MUSIC9 days ago

    UGH I can't stress how much I love this song. This song is legit an earworm. I can't get it out of my head. Ive been humming this song allll dayyy. waiting for more masterpieces from you guys

  37. kay bruh

    kay bruh9 days ago

    Wheein and Hwasa's promo game is on another level. A whole skit? Impeccable

  38. 이서준

    이서준9 days ago

    @H1GHR음악 정말 좋은데요! 외국 분들이 많으니 자막을 추가하는 건 어떨까요?

  39. Rene' Wilson

    Rene' Wilson9 days ago

    This is Beautiful. This is Art.

  40. kelly tintaya

    kelly tintaya9 days ago


  41. Gaby Diaz

    Gaby Diaz9 days ago

    This is all I Need... ♡

  42. hwasa is mamamoo's maknae

    hwasa is mamamoo's maknae9 days ago

    This song gives me both calmness and anxiety

  43. hwasa is mamamoo's maknae

    hwasa is mamamoo's maknae9 days ago

    This song makes me feel like im in between the state of waking up and sleeping

  44. mari cndl

    mari cndl9 days ago

    Queen Hwasa asked me to give a listen to this, lovely. Great job Woogie

  45. in the blue 인디블루

    in the blue 인디블루9 days ago

    우기 사랑해

  46. Jonny Lee

    Jonny Lee9 days ago

    Decent cut hook is super weak

  47. irc1414

    irc14149 days ago

    YOWW GODDAMN 🔥 this is good af

  48. 자쉬홍

    자쉬홍9 days ago

    Seriously Woogie lied us all this time ? Like they said Woogie is a producer but he is an art .

  49. Kristine Joy Quitain

    Kristine Joy Quitain9 days ago

    Came here because of Wheesa 😍😍

  50. w leviohsar

    w leviohsar9 days ago


  51. Arwa Almokhtar

    Arwa Almokhtar9 days ago

    Come after see hwasa Instagram hhhhhh

  52. Kyung Manse

    Kyung Manse9 days ago

    This song is stuck in my head now, and I’m not even disappointed

  53. Sabrina

    Sabrina9 days ago

    this collab is a blessing

  54. _x.jy_

    _x.jy_9 days ago

    아 진짜 미쳤다고...나 어떻하라고....개좋다고....ㅠㅠ

  55. 정정

    정정8 days ago

    _x.jy_ 님 맞춤법은 어떡할래;;

  56. remberkd

    remberkd9 days ago

    Para Para Paradisse ~

  57. JAY KAY

    JAY KAY9 days ago

    Punchnello has a nice voice and flow!

  58. baby moon

    baby moon9 days ago

    I can feel how my ears have been blessed

  59. Saitama

    Saitama9 days ago

    Hi from turkey Great song

  60. Tutku Meow

    Tutku Meow8 days ago

    Saitama thanks for suggest. I loved that song nigga. And I found u 😉

  61. Priti Odedra

    Priti Odedra9 days ago

    Tune! Gives me Kendrick Lamar vibes for some reason 👍

  62. Gabriela Blanco Callisaya

    Gabriela Blanco Callisaya9 days ago

    Woogie makes magic with the music. I love this song💚💚

  63. HwGa Lion

    HwGa Lion9 days ago

    Vine por mis niñas bellas Hwasa y Wheein

  64. Oliwia Skr

    Oliwia Skr10 days ago

    would love to see wheein x woogie for her solo album

  65. Oliwia Skr

    Oliwia Skr10 days ago

    This song is so good. As expected woogie

  66. itachigguk

    itachigguk10 days ago

    wheesa brought me here 😭

  67. Melissa Bee

    Melissa Bee10 days ago

    Psychedelicly groovy ...I dig it!

  68. Tanvi Ambekar

    Tanvi Ambekar10 days ago

    Wheein and Hwasa brought me to paradise. This is sooooo goood!!!

  69. Sky chan

    Sky chan10 days ago

    I underestimated this song... Very nice chilled song!!!💞💞💞

  70. 겟또

    겟또10 days ago

    올만에 플레니리스트감 나왓누

  71. Dámaris López

    Dámaris López10 days ago

    Just beginning to listen Woogie music and have to say hes a great artist hope more people support him.



    ชอบมาก ฮือ 💝

  73. Giovana Leyva

    Giovana Leyva10 days ago


  74. gameover97

    gameover9710 days ago

    wheein brought me here 💜🦋

  75. Dylan DKR 迪伦昆赵

    Dylan DKR 迪伦昆赵10 days ago

    Nobody knows T_T

  76. Nanami

    Nanami10 days ago

    OMG this song is the best 😃

  77. RivyTrivy Time

    RivyTrivy Time10 days ago

    Hwasa and Wheein brings me here, lol

  78. Butter Chimchim

    Butter Chimchim10 days ago

    I feel like I'm in paradiiiiissseeee

  79. JocelynG19

    JocelynG1910 days ago

    Whenever Woogie drops something it is always fire, even if it's chill like this... LOVE IT~ ROMderful & punchnello this was a really good collaboration

  80. Sengyons

    Sengyons10 days ago


  81. 송밍구기

    송밍구기10 days ago

    우기님은 참 신기한게 어찌나 세련되게 음악을 만드시는지 매우 신기방기 이번 곡도 굿굿💕👍

  82. faith walker

    faith walker10 days ago

    Makes me feel like its summertime and im going on a long drive to nowhere and playing this while the wind blows and its sunny outside ❤❤😌

  83. juannifer32

    juannifer3210 days ago

    Wheein brought me here and she has great taste because I love this so much I guess I am new subscriber now. 👌🏾🔥.

  84. Hello ,

    Hello ,10 days ago


  85. Audrey Marie

    Audrey Marie10 days ago

    *Who's here after watching Hwasa and Wheein's IG stories where they "fought" and made up after listening to this song together? Amazing marketing right there😂 Also this song is so goooood.*

  86. PowerisTsutsun Gaming

    PowerisTsutsun Gaming10 days ago

    I am here, Thanks to sae ron!

  87. weidy putri

    weidy putri10 days ago

    Another masterpiece from woogie

  88. Milene Stefani

    Milene Stefani10 days ago

    Finalmente poderei ouvir essa obra de arte ❤️

  89. Ashley Style

    Ashley Style10 days ago

    Perfeito eu diria

  90. Spicy Rambutan Sedd

    Spicy Rambutan Sedd10 days ago

    Love this! So calming. ❤️

  91. Nynah Nina

    Nynah Nina10 days ago

    Who came here after seeing Wheein and Hwasa IG story skit?

  92. Mayu

    Mayu10 days ago

    hwasa&wheein take me to this paradise

  93. 오수민

    오수민10 days ago


  94. Nadaa A

    Nadaa A10 days ago

    Woogie said no tiktok let's challenge everyone acting

  95. Nadaa A

    Nadaa A10 days ago

    This is trippy in good way

  96. Roman Grisby

    Roman Grisby10 days ago

    We need the instrumental for this released

  97. bbmmm

    bbmmm10 days ago

    Of course I'm not gonna let wheesa's acting go to waste. I'm gonna listen to this till i forget that vid they made hahahahaahahaha

  98. sky flowers

    sky flowers10 days ago


  99. Rashika Subba

    Rashika Subba10 days ago

    Woogie is the best👍 love his art ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  100. pomy0301

    pomy030110 days ago


  101. raissa marcón

    raissa marcón10 days ago

    insane 🔥🔥

  102. Rizka Audina

    Rizka Audina10 days ago