수고했어 (Lean On Me) - Woodie Gochild, TRADE L, Sik-K (Official Audio)

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[H1GHR : RED TAPE] 2020.09.02
[H1GHR : BLUE TAPE] 2020.09.16
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    H1GHR MUSICMonth ago

    수고했어 (Lean On Me) - Woodie Gochild, TRADE L, Sik-K Woodie Gochild) 너의 오늘 하루는 어땠어 How was your day today 말하지 않아도 이미 눈치 챘어 You don’t have to say, I can already tell 뾰루퉁한 표정 Pouty mouth 풀려버린 눈 초점 Tired eyes 누가 널 힘들게 했어 Who’s giving you a hard time 내게 말해줘 You can tell me TRADE L) 말해줘 너는 왜 이리 화가 나있어 Tell me why you’re so mad 오늘 안 되는 일은 내일 하고 싶어 Put off what I don’t wanna do for tomorrow 쉽지 않아도 포기하긴 늦었잖아 It ain’t easy, but it’s too late to give up 쉽지 않았어 모든 것이 Nothing was easy 나를 가로막고 있는 것들 Everything that’s in my way I ain't got no time 오늘 연락하지마 Don’t call me 말해도 넌 모를 거야 You’ll never know even if I tell you 이 기분은 나만 알아 Only I know this feeling 뭐든지 괜찮아 그냥 말해봐 Anything’s okay, just tell me 잘못 한 건 없잖아 그냥 누울래 Done nothing wrong, just wanna lie down 전화 걸지 말어 Don’t call me 얘기하긴 Too late It’s too late to talk 직진하는 법만 배웠잖아 I’m so foolish I only forwards, I’m so foolish 내게 돌 던지지 말아 Don’t throw rocks at me 쌓이고 쌓인 건 I’ve been under pressure 충분하니깐 날 좀 For long enough 그냥 내비둬 So let me be Never give up 난 이제 걱정 없어 비법은 I have no worries now 단 하나 날 믿어주는 것 The only way was to believe in myself 날 사랑하는 것 To love myself 그땐 어젠 잊고 다시 시작해 Forget what was yesterday and begin again 그땐 어젠 잊고 다시 시작해 Forget what was yesterday and begin again Woodie Gochild) 너의 오늘 하루는 어땠어 How was your day today 말하지 않아도 이미 눈치 챘어 You don’t have to say, I can already tell 뾰루퉁한 표정 Pouty mouth 풀려버린 눈 초점 Tired eyes 누가 널 힘들게 했어 Who’s giving you a hard time 내게 말해줘 You can tell me Sik-K) You can tell me Imma talk to you D.O.C 보다 더 빨리 Run to you Run to you quicker than D.O.C Usain보다 Goku Super Saiyan보다 Quicker than Usain or Goku Super Saiyan 고민 다 실어버린다고 카이엔으로다가 Put all your worries in the Cayenne Talkin' big, no cent 들어줄게 Your none sense I’mma listen to your none sense I gotta lose my control 난 네 이야기를 경청 My ears are all yours 네 눈가는 이제 건조 Your eyes are now dry Right now are we ready to rumble? 좀 걷자 좀 섰다가 경치 한 번 구경하자 휙휙 Let’s walk, take a rest, look around 아직 기분 Bad MJ, RiRi Still feeling bad MJ, RiRi 많이 뾰루퉁한 Ting Isn’t it Kinda grouchy ting isn’t it Yeah 머리 속 여전히 빙빙 Yeah, head still spinnin’ 이니 미니 마니모 Eeny meeny miny moe You cannot choose better mood 어땠어 오늘 하루 How was your day Wishin’ you a good 괜찮아질 거야 Soon Things’ll be better soon Very soon very soon very soon Woodie Gochild) 너의 오늘 하루는 어땠어 How was your day today 말하지 않아도 이미 눈치 챘어 You don’t have to say, I can already tell 뾰루퉁한 표정 Pouty mouth 풀려버린 눈 초점 Tired eyes 누가 널 힘들게 했어 Who’s giving you a hard time 내게 말해줘 You can tell me 수고했어 You done did a good job 오늘 뭐가 됐든 However today turned out to be 넌 침대에서 내려오지마 Don’t come out your bed 해 뜰 때까지 Until the sun rises 더 피곤해지기 전에 대충 Might end up tired so 넌 침대에서 내려오지마 Don’t come out your bed 해 뜰 때까지 Until the sun rises

  2. ya mik

    ya mikMonth ago

    가사 너무 좋아요👀

  3. sound like guitar

    sound like guitarDay ago

    레드 블루 통틀어 제일 좋다. 우디고 차일드님 목소리 톤이랑 랩스타일 쇼미6 때 취향이 아니여서 다신 안들을 줄 알았는데 하온님 빅팬이여서 계속 하이어 노래 찾아 듣다가 레드컴필 블루컴필에서 취향마저 뒤엎은 우디형님을 보았다.

  4. Dhx Dhd

    Dhx Dhd5 days ago

    트레이드엘 너무 좋아서 기절임 진ㅋ자 개좋아서 미치겠음

  5. 19belin

    19belin12 days ago

    Blue tape is a mood💟

  6. Jaruwan Kongrueang

    Jaruwan Kongrueang20 days ago

    เพลงนี้เพราะจัง ชอบ I like this song.

  7. Atena Rouza

    Atena Rouza27 days ago

    Pretty chill♡

  8. Pumpkin Pie

    Pumpkin PieMonth ago

    I very like this song 👏🏻👏🏻

  9. Rievaya Snyezana

    Rievaya SnyezanaMonth ago

    woodie's rapping and singing voice/style are polar opposites and im here for both 💯

  10. 정재훈

    정재훈Month ago

    넘 좋네여

  11. ㄹㅇ 유사인간

    ㄹㅇ 유사인간Month ago

    can't stop listen to Trade L's part

  12. 최재혁

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  13. 이현

    이현Month ago

    트레이드엘 싱잉 애진다 개잘하는데??

  14. Khanh L

    Khanh LMonth ago

    My fav track from blue tape

  15. karla T

    karla TMonth ago

    Sus voces me súper activan 🎶🎶🎶🎶✨✨✨

  16. Rachelle Canillo

    Rachelle CanilloMonth ago

    Woaah!! I thought it was golden singing in the beginning but was WOODIE 🔥🔥 This song is now one of my fave track in blue tape.🖒

  17. It's Anna

    It's AnnaMonth ago

    I'm in love with woodie gochild voice^^

  18. 김수빈

    김수빈Month ago

    아니 가사가 너무 좋자낭 ㅠㅜ❤️

  19. boutheynah

    boutheynahMonth ago

    Ok, but who's singing??? Is that Woodie?

  20. Boozy Blanc

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  21. Rahma rahma

    Rahma rahmaMonth ago

    우디의 목소리가 나를 평화롭게 만들어요

  22. あすぱら

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  23. Frances Isabela Fernandez

    Frances Isabela Fernandez2 months ago

    Yooo i thought woodie was golden!!!!

  24. ᄋᄉᄋ

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  25. Just Tyler

    Just Tyler2 months ago

    Wowww Gochild’s singing is SO good!

  26. Jada Moses

    Jada Moses2 months ago

    This song after studying at night hits different 🌚🌛

  27. 이지훈

    이지훈2 months ago

    우디 훅 뽕맛 계속 생각남,,,,,

  28. Warlock

    Warlock2 months ago

    woodie gochild reminds me of penomeco here

  29. Alice CHQ

    Alice CHQ2 months ago

    Okay, now we'll not only look forward to TRADE L's rapping but singing as well.

  30. guapo

    guapo2 months ago

    Wait who songs in the beginning?

  31. wineri

    wineriMonth ago

    Woodie Gochild

  32. TheUnknown3399

    TheUnknown33992 months ago

    I wasn’t expecting this omg woodie’s singing voice woah

  33. Faustine Iori

    Faustine Iori2 months ago

    he sings like this in one of his smtm8 performances uslikes.info/house/am2u1L2it5uWo7o/video.html

  34. Indira Singha 75

    Indira Singha 752 months ago

    Red Tape : 🔥 Blue Tape : 🌊

  35. Asu Lee

    Asu Lee2 months ago

    너무좋아 하이어뮤직 미쳤어 좋다 .

  36. Rocky HUANG

    Rocky HUANG2 months ago

    真的好想minsik喔 在军队要好好照顾自己 We're waiting for you to come back babe

  37. Rocky HUANG

    Rocky HUANG2 months ago

    要疯了嘞 我好爱嗨社 好爱社长nim

  38. Jenni Dawn

    Jenni Dawn2 months ago

    This album is everything ! Every track is a mood !

  39. Vĩnh Hà

    Vĩnh Hà2 months ago

    i have no idea that woodie can sing this well???????


    VITTXRIOMonth ago

    well tbh he said in one interview that before jumping to rap career, he aspires to be a vocalist. DJ SMMT jokingly said "So that's why you turned into autotune". Not gonna lie, autotuned Woodie sounds really good!

  41. Faustine Iori

    Faustine Iori2 months ago

    you can also see it on his smtm8 performance with takuwa uslikes.info/house/am2u1L2it5uWo7o/video.html

  42. 께준

    께준2 months ago

    표지 김하온 아니아?ㅋㅋㅋ

  43. Lamice Tilib

    Lamice Tilib2 months ago

    wowwww this just became my favorite song on the album 0:17

  44. 도르마무_거래를 하러와따!

    도르마무_거래를 하러와따!2 months ago

    권민식혜♡ 건강히 전역하즈아! 기다릴게요!!!!!

  45. to the

    to the2 months ago

    우디 미성 왜 이제야 쓴거지 너무 좋다

  46. Mikaela Espanto

    Mikaela Espanto2 months ago

    thats woodie singing? omg super niiiiice

  47. 윤상최

    윤상최2 months ago

    우디고 싱잉 좋네? 우디고랑 우디랑 같이 듀오 해도 되겠다 더블 보컬&래퍼 팀명은... 우디 더블 고? 우디우디고? 웅띠고? 유띠고? 더블우디? 우디2? 등등 진짜 괜찮은데...?

  48. dugmadms rkfmfdms

    dugmadms rkfmfdms2 months ago

    우디 쵝오

  49. 이승

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  50. lego anu

    lego anu2 months ago

    Eng subtitles please. I am not understanding anything but I am enjoying this song

  51. Gaby Diaz

    Gaby Diaz2 months ago

    LatinAmerica Hand Up This is a master piece ....

  52. Romi M

    Romi M2 months ago

    I love this whole tape but can we have subs in english pleaaase? 🥺

  53. Krissa M

    Krissa M2 months ago

    I was listening to the album on spotify. I just assumed that the one singing in this song is just a featuring artist. It got me so confused when I saw Woodie Gochilds' name in here. Like , whut?!!!

  54. Faustine Iori

    Faustine Iori2 months ago

    he also sings in one of his smtm8 performances uslikes.info/house/am2u1L2it5uWo7o/video.html

  55. syamil amirul

    syamil amirul2 months ago

    Boi can sing too like damn what a talent

  56. runchranda joon

    runchranda joon2 months ago

    I was soooo confused to

  57. Ferdaous

    Ferdaous2 months ago

    Noooow this is myyyy song 😍😍🔥🔥trade l being 17 signed to higher and doing great couldn't be more proud💜 and wondering what the fuck i was doing when i was his age

  58. spiegel Park

    spiegel Park2 months ago

    아니 하이어뮤직은 래퍼들이 랩도 잘하고 노래도 잘하고 다 하시네요!! ㅎㅎ 너무 좋네요

  59. 눈누난나

    눈누난나2 months ago

    정말 띵곡

  60. 녹수성

    녹수성2 months ago

    하이어뮤직 감사해용

  61. JEMMA

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  62. Lissy Moore

    Lissy Moore2 months ago

    They really put the three “auto tuned” ppl together and made a masterpiece. H1ghr music really be making the best detailed decisions too

  63. Zineb El

    Zineb El2 months ago

    Blue tape is for when you feel sexy Red tape is for when you feel boss Periodd

  64. H D

    H D2 months ago

    나 오늘 짤린거 어떻게 알고, 고맙습니다

  65. poopoo

    poopoo2 months ago

    우디 목소리가 너무 좋다

  66. Zonunthari Rokhum

    Zonunthari Rokhum2 months ago

    I love it ❤❤❤❤❤

  67. Krissa M

    Krissa M2 months ago

    Wait... Who was singing? Is it Woodie? I'm so confused.

  68. syamil amirul

    syamil amirul2 months ago

    Yea its woodie, at first i thought it was golden

  69. Faustine IORI

    Faustine IORI2 months ago

    I think so yes

  70. Shana haha

    Shana haha2 months ago

    Me too!!!! 🤔 😍

  71. 소영

    소영2 months ago

    하이어 이번에 뭐야 진짜 이갈고 노래냈어 안좋은 곡이 없어 진짜 미쳤어 나 여기 매일 출석체크할게요 아시겠어요 ??

  72. 소영

    소영2 months ago

    나를 아주 죽이려고 작정했어 ㅜㅜ 이번 노래들 다 왜이래요 미쳤네진짜 사랑해요 알지 ? 진짜 너무 완전 내 스타일이다 돌겠네 진짜 ㅋㅋ 분위기 뭐야 진짜 하 무슨 말을 해야 될지 모르겠다 그냥 노래 존나 뜨면 좋겠다 〰

  73. Anabelsy Cordovi

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  74. gzbetch

    gzbetch2 months ago

    We need an english sub for this *cries*

  75. JUN YT

    JUN YT2 months ago

    서로에게 '수고했다', '고맙다'고 말해 주기 책읽고 있었는데 나옴

  76. kug 013

    kug 0132 months ago

    trenmendo arte

  77. Not Eve

    Not Eve2 months ago

    this is my personal fave. this song is so addicting and it flutters my heart so much

  78. naae1110 heo

    naae1110 heo2 months ago


  79. Berenice 76o

    Berenice 76o2 months ago

    oh wow 😳😍👏

  80. J B

    J B2 months ago

    이노래최고다 🧡😤😤

  81. Jason Peeen

    Jason Peeen2 months ago

    I thought BLUE TAPE must be popular music in world

  82. Aadilah Abrahams

    Aadilah Abrahams2 months ago

    RED_TAPE is hype BLUE_TAPE is chill H1GHR MUSIC is for everyone

  83. 김민석

    김민석2 months ago

    왜 사진 줌인되는 거 처럼 느껴졌지

  84. Laxmi Poudel

    Laxmi Poudel2 months ago


  85. 황은희

    황은희2 months ago

    이건 우디가 찢었다 .... + 트레이드엘 목소리 지렸다

  86. stella gonzalez

    stella gonzalez2 months ago

    Love blue 💙💙💙💙

  87. mira Mi36

    mira Mi362 months ago

    I like

  88. Sharon Jackson

    Sharon Jackson2 months ago

    Highre Gang,, kings!! Love ya so so proud. Sha Sha ,,

  89. 김누리

    김누리2 months ago

    하 진짜 어떡해 이번 노래 다 좋다 ㅠㅠㅠ💙🤦🏻‍♀️

  90. syamil amirul

    syamil amirul2 months ago

    Tbh, my favourite track out of the album

  91. 박재용

    박재용2 months ago

    훅 우디임? 우디 아닌줄.. 미쳤다 ㄹㅇ

  92. 박재용

    박재용2 months ago

    뭐야 Trade L 개미쳤다

  93. 櫻井良輝

    櫻井良輝2 months ago

    signing trade L is a great choice for h1ghr

  94. 유진 YUJIN

    유진 YUJIN2 months ago

    Shout out to j park!!

  95. Amy Mihill

    Amy Mihill2 months ago

    Yo Sik-k made sure he was still known, he's recorded so much ahaha. Don't worry your my fav Sik-k

  96. sky flowers

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  97. Katey Vang

    Katey Vang2 months ago

    I love it like Trade L voice loving it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤟🏻 rappers keep up the good work I’m in love with you guys rappers 🥺😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕

  98. あすぱら

    あすぱら2 months ago

    TRADE Lくん。天才かよ。

  99. nimas

    nimas2 months ago

    gxxd's beat is everything 😭

  100. Melissa Bee

    Melissa Bee2 months ago

    Love it, sweet vibe.

  101. Jennifer Sullivan

    Jennifer Sullivan2 months ago

    This beat is everything... mixes with the vocals perfectly 👌

  102. Gabby M

    Gabby M2 months ago

    Woah blue tape is hitting different and im INTO IT

  103. jewlz lylas

    jewlz lylas2 months ago

    this has ya head bobbin while youre sittin in your chair , dancing when up and about flows so smooth H1GHER always delivers fire!!

  104. himani vyas

    himani vyas2 months ago

    This company is LIT♡♡ I love everyone in there


    VITTXRIO2 months ago

    This song reminds me of 2019 Trade L!! I love the vibe this song gives.

  106. Dalila Karen Fernades ahgase

    Dalila Karen Fernades ahgase2 months ago

    Amei ❤🇧🇷

  107. Sakuri bit

    Sakuri bit2 months ago

    OH yeah!!! La canción 🎶 es guay 👍

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  109. 양산형

    양산형2 months ago

    우디 가성 진짜 사기 왜 여태까지 숨기고 있었냐

  110. 박남희

    박남희2 months ago

    우디민낯을 처음으로본것같아

  111. R e e y z

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    Shitttttt,this is triple combo🔥🔥🔥

  112. DeanOOR 93

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    This song is perfect