Oscar (Official Video) - pH-1, Golden, BIG Naughty, Jay Park

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2020.09.16 [H1GHR : BLUE TAPE]
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  1. c r i s t e l

    c r i s t e l16 hours ago

    yaaaay one million ☝️

  2. c r i s t e l

    c r i s t e l16 hours ago

    soooo goood!

  3. naura fahira

    naura fahiraDay ago

    Omfg this song still on my top list even after 2 months

  4. naura fahira

    naura fahiraDay ago



    HI SUNNYDay ago

    빅나리 ㅈㄴ매력있어 다른분들도 ㄹㅇ

  6. Estel Huh

    Estel Huh2 days ago

    Love this song❤️

  7. c r i s t e l

    c r i s t e l2 days ago

    i really love this song ❤️✨🔥

  8. Princess Ann Salering

    Princess Ann Salering3 days ago

    finally I found this 😍😍

  9. нαɴɴαн

    нαɴɴαн3 days ago

    LIT🔥🔥🔥 im such a fan now

  10. нαɴɴαн

    нαɴɴαн3 days ago

    yo this is genius😭

  11. Akiko

    Akiko3 days ago

    cno kaya c ashley?

  12. Akiko

    Akiko3 days ago

    Golden's voice is so good

  13. Akiko

    Akiko3 days ago

    Road to 1m

  14. furuyakeifu

    furuyakeifu5 days ago

    Golden sounds kinda like that G soul guy??

  15. Lenny Vassileva

    Lenny Vassileva5 days ago

    Golden is G.Soul :)

  16. rachael

    rachael6 days ago

    golden got the girllll

  17. Han Ji

    Han Ji6 days ago

    I will literally never get over how angelic Goldens voice sounds..

  18. Hayashi Yumi

    Hayashi Yumi7 days ago


  19. Carylle Belle Prudenciado

    Carylle Belle Prudenciado7 days ago


  20. Solo Hazard

    Solo Hazard7 days ago

    PLOT TWIST: The girl they are talking about is Pokimane.

  21. Daisy Moore

    Daisy Moore7 days ago

    I'm shook with Golden's voice I had to come to the video to see who was singing those parts wow

  22. 이태준

    이태준8 days ago

    승우아빠님 노래 진짜 잘하시네;;;

  23. Hannah Clementinee

    Hannah Clementinee9 days ago

    Totally not crying because of how cute this song is

  24. 이윤서

    이윤서10 days ago

    friends reference!🙊

  25. 민지

    민지10 days ago

    맨날 듣기만하다가 댓글쓰는데 솔직히 골든은 잘 몰랐는데 진짜 와 너무 잘해요 목소리가 아주 사기야.. 1일 3하이어 하는중 ㅜㅜ

  26. Mmmmilo AR

    Mmmmilo AR11 days ago

    Golden tiene la voz de un Ángel, sos arte chabon

  27. Mmmmilo AR

    Mmmmilo AR11 days ago


  28. Mmmmilo AR

    Mmmmilo AR11 days ago

    pH-1 el amor de mi vida, no hay dudas

  29. 서현서

    서현서11 days ago

    영어 못하면 이거 이해 못하겠다고요..

  30. Off set

    Off set11 days ago

    u kno? I still luv u girl

  31. 쪼주

    쪼주11 days ago

    골든은 노래 겁나 잘하내

  32. Aina Nuha

    Aina Nuha11 days ago

    This arghhh !

  33. 10969_ shirazu_

    10969_ shirazu_12 days ago

    *ph-1 : sweetheart* *Jay Park: ladies man* 💀

  34. P

    P12 days ago

    This type of music is absolutely my style 👍🏻 Nowadays it's very hard for me to find song that is easy to 'click' with. Even the mainstream one 🙂 cause I'm the weird isolate type.

  35. sintia dk

    sintia dk12 days ago


  36. Leslie Vasquez

    Leslie Vasquez13 days ago

    Honestly, this song definitely deserves more!!! Y'all should stop sleeping and stan Higher Music!!!😍

  37. 쿠황

    쿠황14 days ago

    힐링하고 갑니다..... 우선 치원이 형 얼굴이랑 목소리 듣고...... 그리고 골든의 갬성적인 파트 듣고.... 동현이 형 귀여움이랑 늘은 실력 듣고..... 재범이 형의 영어 발음이랑 실력 듣고.....

  38. TheDorkyDorcas

    TheDorkyDorcas14 days ago

    This was a pretty cool music video lol

  39. Eri Khoeriyah

    Eri Khoeriyah14 days ago

    it's sooo good!

  40. Milka Garanzo

    Milka Garanzo14 days ago


  41. Milka Garanzo

    Milka Garanzo14 days ago

    I keep listening to this music! 💕 Am melting 😍

  42. 우정원

    우정원15 days ago

    골든 볼 때마다 승우아빠 같음

  43. Cristel Panguinao Bustos

    Cristel Panguinao Bustos16 days ago


  44. Cristel Panguinao Bustos

    Cristel Panguinao Bustos16 days ago

    i´m feeling in a sky

  45. Cristel Panguinao Bustos

    Cristel Panguinao Bustos16 days ago

    woooow so good

  46. I am You

    I am You16 days ago

    Bruhhh O.S.C.A.R broke my playlist ..

  47. Gwensover

    Gwensover16 days ago


  48. 19belin

    19belin16 days ago

    This is my fav! So good🙌

  49. Devanshi

    Devanshi16 days ago

    Golden got the girl, but the whole I was thinking, who tf is Ashely and why am I not her?! Lol jkjk, but this is so good. Golden your voice is like honey. Omg im in love lol

  50. şuranur

    şuranur17 days ago

    I guess they don't know they're talking to the same girl. Heyy guys she is tricking you!!!

  51. Suma Sumey

    Suma Sumey17 days ago

    I'll be the one who'll be a part dat AOMG & HIGHR MUSIC one day. And also golden is dat u?? DAMN BOY 🖤

  52. not cora

    not cora17 days ago

    this is so good i love each one of y'all it's such a fresh concept

  53. Rahma Musa

    Rahma Musa17 days ago

    The third guy i don't know his name but killed his part💣

  54. ᄋᄋ

    ᄋᄋ17 days ago

    내가 애쉴리 였으면은 치원이 본다

  55. Yunannv

    Yunannv18 days ago

    Hi, Ashley is here

  56. pat pat

    pat pat18 days ago

    Im in love T^T

  57. lumo lim

    lumo lim19 days ago


  58. Beatriz Sarmiero

    Beatriz Sarmiero20 days ago

    the way BIG Naughty is 17...... child please change your name

  59. Debbie 19

    Debbie 1920 days ago

    love love love ...


    VINSMOKE SANJI20 days ago

    jay park is the hot version of gunther

  61. Bamen Achim

    Bamen Achim21 day ago

    Why is no one talking about Jay in the back at the end of the video? T-T it doesn't get anymore Jay Park than that.

  62. 716 ・

    716 ・21 day ago


  63. Cristel Panguinao Bustos

    Cristel Panguinao Bustos22 days ago


  64. kunpimook’s baba

    kunpimook’s baba22 days ago

    jay park really is the type of guy whose always doing some extra shit at the back

  65. 김예준

    김예준22 days ago

    1:22 BIG Naughty

  66. 죠젭

    죠젭22 days ago

    4일동안 이 노래만 들으면서 롤하는데 질리지않는 띵곡

  67. Eva Kim

    Eva Kim23 days ago

    My name is now ashley

  68. Suraya T

    Suraya T23 days ago


  69. Isa Huertas

    Isa Huertas24 days ago

    I traveled to 1999 and listened to this song. LOVE IT!

  70. Phia Buenviaje

    Phia Buenviaje24 days ago

    Damnnnn golden really live up to his name 🔥🔥🔥

  71. Ana morales

    Ana morales25 days ago

    something about jay parks verse at the end. makes me feel safe. this song warms me up.

  72. Laresa Gordon

    Laresa Gordon25 days ago

    This song is sooo good I just want it to blow up

  73. 우유바나나

    우유바나나25 days ago

    oscar (romanized lyrics) Every good day start with a good yawn Jameul puk jatdeoni siganeun dusiya Bakke nagal junbihaji neoreul mannareo Neowa Sipping haneun keopineun neomu dara Neon dangbuhaetji ohaehajima Sagwil maeum eopseo jeoldae gobaekajima And it cut my heart open Put me in a coffin Geu malgwa dongsie Buseojin jonsim Chimchak Gotta relax Hollywood useumjinne Ha ha ha Laugh like it's funny Oseukareul wonhae Akademi wonhae Ginjang an han deusi Yeonghwabaeucheoreom jeseucheoneun keumjik Ha ha ha Laugh like it's funny Oseukareul wonhae Akademi wonhae I'll be the one Nega wonhaneun modeun yeok da Wanbyeokage sohwa haenaelge I'll be the one Amuhante an boyeojun nae moseup da Neo wonhaneun geon I'll be the one Oh O O jamkkanmaniyeo Oh no O jamkkan Wait me up Eo a eum gireul mureuryeo Haneun geon anya sasil halmari isseoseo O o oneul sigan isseoyeo? Uh oh eopseodo naege wajwoyeo Iri manado O jamkkanman yollo wa ay Okay neoreul derireo Galge neoneun eodiya Oh baby geunyang Call me up Olleh nan ne Maniyeo Eomma daeumeuro neoreul saranghae Girl Nahante wa Sumaneun saenggakdeuri Nae meorireul seuchil ttaemada deuneun Hangaji bimireun Naneun baro amado a matda Sasil geuge eum I think I love you so much I'll be the one Nega wonhaneun modeun yeok da Wanbyeokage sohwa haenaelge I'll be the one Amuhante an boyeojun nae moseup da Neo wonhaneun geon I'll be the one I'll be the one to give you the best of me Baby girl just leave it up to me Yeah, U know that I'm the one to be I'll be the one to give you the best of me Baby girl just leave it up to me Yeah, U know that I'm the one to be Nege pillyohan yeogi dwaejulge Whenever you need someone Yesangchi mothal keun gamdongeul julge Whenever you need someone I'll be the one Nega wonhaneun modeun yeok da Wanbyeokage sohwa haenaelge I'll be the one Amuhante anboyeojun nae moseup da Neo wonhaneun geon I'll be the one

  74. 윾림

    윾림26 days ago

    내 영어이름 Ashley..... 내 18년 인생 김자연별곡으로 살았거늘... 나에게 대쉬하는 빅나티와 피에이치 원에게는 관심 없지만 골든을 좋아하고 있었던 것이었다....

  75. Fatima PH-1 NCTzen

    Fatima PH-1 NCTzen27 days ago

    Isn't it weird that they all texting the same girl...is she Ashley from Lady's code ?

  76. kwanzero

    kwanzero27 days ago

    동현이는 어쩜 저렇게 스타일링 좀 받았다고 비주얼이 일취월장한걸까. 이제 훈남 그 자체네.

  77. kwanzero

    kwanzero27 days ago

    서동현.. 하 내 심장 ㅠ

  78. ryan aries

    ryan aries27 days ago

    yo love the concept! and this song sooo geewwdd to hear even for hundred times! AND.... its often happened in our circle of friends, ur friend wanna win some girl heart but theres always be the one who got the Oscar at the end like Golded did lol, fckin kinda backstabber xD

  79. 아 허승귀여워뭐이런게있거든요

    아 허승귀여워뭐이런게있거든요27 days ago

    아 그냥 미쳤다 ㅡㅜㅜㅡㄷㆍ

  80. Nuni Chhakchhuak

    Nuni Chhakchhuak27 days ago

    ph1 starts the song and Im like ohhhh Im dead and Golden voice huizzz Dig my grave🔥🔥🔥 Love them all😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    BIG REYOUNG27 days ago


  82. JBYZ

    JBYZ28 days ago

    So my name is Ashley now🤪

  83. Nazillah Ilyas

    Nazillah Ilyas28 days ago

    Golden hyung, I'm fallin' love with u ✨😂

  84. Rebekha Shelah Balaba

    Rebekha Shelah Balaba29 days ago

    This song is so good 😭 💘

  85. 박정인

    박정인29 days ago


  86. Shawarma

    Shawarma29 days ago

    BIG Naughty doing the hand thing when doing the cheers with adults / sunbaes is the cutest.

  87. Nerd pach

    Nerd pach29 days ago

    ngurthangvela ka ngaihsan na in ti bo phalo😁😁

  88. medium mica

    medium micaMonth ago

    ph-1 said this is his favorite song off of blue tape--I can see why😌😌😌

  89. ssshakiraa ._

    ssshakiraa ._Month ago

    now everyone want to be ashley 😌

  90. JL

    JLMonth ago

    one.... lmao Golden getting rid of the competition jajajajajajaja two.... Bossman working out in post credits three.... Ashley savage "Don't" "No" four.... I fxxking love this fam

  91. 정다은

    정다은Month ago

    허억 노래 너무 좋다/~//!

  92. Claire Alexandria

    Claire AlexandriaMonth ago

    their terrible acting is pleasing to the eye

  93. Atena Rouza

    Atena RouzaMonth ago

    3:37 🤣🤣🤣 what is Jay Park doing in the background? 😂 Great MV guys! 👍

  94. Nitro FuZe

    Nitro FuZeMonth ago

    Lmao Golden got the "come to my place" text and dipped from the homies. It really be like that lol

  95. Aesu Lee

    Aesu LeeMonth ago


  96. carola 19

    carola 19Month ago

    only 847.167 views? I listened this song so many times that this video should have at least 2000000 views

  97. Caleb Compton

    Caleb ComptonMonth ago

    Big Naughty’s verse goes so hard

  98. Charmyeol Park

    Charmyeol ParkMonth ago


  99. Charmyeol Park

    Charmyeol ParkMonth ago

    Song of the year! Love this so much!

  100. 김지현

    김지현Month ago

    골든씨 너무 좋네요 목소리 가성 개미쳐써

  101. 녹수성

    녹수성Month ago