End Of The Night - Jay Park, Ted Park, Woodie Gochild, BIG Naughty (Official Audio)

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[H1GHR : RED TAPE] 2020.09.02
[H1GHR : BLUE TAPE] 2020.09.16
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    H1GHR MUSIC2 months ago

    End Of The Night - Jay Park, Ted Park, Woodie Gochild, BIG Naughty Jay Park) Yeah, Baby girl do ya thang But your gonna end up with me. Yeah, Baby they can holla at you But your gonna end up with me By the end of the night There’s no need to fight it By the end of the night There’s no need to fight Ted Park) What you on tonight lil baby we could roll I’m at JFK I had to do some thangs in Seoul The way you dance on me my diamonds dancing on that gold Soju turn you to a stripper how you dancing on my poll Presidential dollar bills and coke and rum You choosing choosing I’m the chosen one Wrist on fleek yeah I’m the frozen one Always find my way to you my love Making love to you Yeah I fuck with you You me love my boo ain’t no substitute At the end of the night I’ll get you right with you baby You go get comfortable I won’t be lazy Swerve in the foreign when you misbehave me The wetter the pussy the loco the crazy Tonight There’s no need to fight On my life Jay Park) I got a room at the W I just wanna let you know Just give me the sign whenever you wanna go The way you break it down way you get down on the floor Girl you give me while thoughts so fuck take it slow. I wanna love on you baby baby Tell me what you wanna do baby baby Yeah we gone off the dusse baby baby Pardon I don’t mean to be rude baby baby I need a thicky thick just like you I’m feeling like it’s just you and me in this room I really really wanna do some things to you No clothes horizontal let’s get it yeah Drinking like we at a mothafuckin frat Got me hypnotized by the way you back that ass This ain’t a compliment, no I won’t take it back U the baddest bitch in here These are mothafuckin facts Yeah, Baby girl do ya thang But your gonna end up with me. Yeah, Baby they can holla at you But your gonna end up with me By the end of the night There’s no need to fight it By the end of the night There’s no need to fight Woodie Gochild) 눈치가 좀 없는 거 빼고 Except for your slow senses 가진걸 내가 전부 뺏고 싶어 I want to take everything else 쉽지 않아도 Okay tho Even if that ain’t easy, that’s okay tho Just let it flow with me Like Tango If you Okay too 다 됐구 All done 나도 정리할게 일루 넘어와 Hotel room I’ll get things finished, come over to my hotel room 네 애인두 Your lover too 못할 건 없지 Be my main boo We can work it out, be my main boo Big Naughty) Baby girl 네가 몇 살인지 How old you are 또 솔로인지 난 묻지 않아 Whethere you’re single, I don’t ask Let it go 네가 누구인지 Who you are 난 딱히 궁금하지 않아 I’m not that curious Shall we dance till the end? No demands start again Shall we dance till the end? No demands start again


    YOUR HOPE18 days ago

    Trop fort, jveux rien savoir

  3. paulina valdes

    paulina valdes19 days ago


  4. Ismaya Nurafifah

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  5. sabrina

    sabrina26 days ago

    donghyun’s voice man idk i need to let that sink in first

  6. Valery Pocero

    Valery Pocero26 days ago

    woodie gochild verse 😳😳❤️❤️

  7. Tsubomi

    Tsubomi29 days ago

    Best track of the blue tape hands down

  8. 그냥그냥

    그냥그냥Month ago

    서동현 목소리 미쳤노...ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  9. Sumal Amidie

    Sumal AmidieMonth ago

    Can y’all spare some talent for the rest of us,,,,,,☠️☠️

  10. Aesu Lee

    Aesu LeeMonth ago

    역시재범 너무좋다 하이어 정말좋다

  11. ana maria vargas castillo

    ana maria vargas castilloMonth ago

    I can't believe they don't have millions of views😭, they're so incredible, they deserve more recognition. Thanks for making such amazing music, I love you jay😍

  12. oliwia rmmt

    oliwia rmmtMonth ago

    Big naughty i love you

  13. 닮은살걀

    닮은살걀Month ago

    big naughty isn't yet 19, but the song in app is limited below 19 pwww

  14. SVT BTS

    SVT BTSMonth ago

    I am shook and excited when this song came out in TVN's Sixth Sense Ep5 at the beginning 😍🤩🙊💖💕💞💓💗

  15. DevKW1

    DevKW1Month ago

    I TRULY WISH BIG NAUGHTY'S VERSE WAS LONGER.. but overall this song is lit

  16. Cherrytrbl

    CherrytrblMonth ago

    Ted Park slay 🔥

  17. Jia Jun Tan

    Jia Jun TanMonth ago

    What's the drum beat at 0:18 called?

  18. Yᗩᑎᑎ ᗩᗩ

    Yᗩᑎᑎ ᗩᗩMonth ago

    Boooi this is craaaaaaazy good kind of craaaaazy

  19. reinday ツ

    reinday ツMonth ago

    big naughty's part hit different. this whole song is crazy af 💙

  20. zbbxzvzvzvzbxbxb vzbxbxvzn

    zbbxzvzvzvzbxbxb vzbxbxvznMonth ago


  21. Dilla R

    Dilla RMonth ago

    Omg i love this! One of my favorite 😍 Jay’s sweet voice, Ted Park so smoootthh, Woodie Gochild craayyy i love them flow and of courseBig Naughty 🥺🥺🥺 i’m in love with his voice and his verse, so fresh, so gooooddddddd

  22. Claudia Bon

    Claudia BonMonth ago

    LOVE LOVE BIG naughty lil vocals at the end

  23. Makiala Muhammad

    Makiala MuhammadMonth ago

    2 weeks ago how did I miss dis

  24. Mc Donalds맨너겟

    Mc Donalds맨너겟Month ago

    너모 조와요

  25. vlosë

    vlosëMonth ago

    이게 젤 좋다

  26. Christian Joo

    Christian JooMonth ago

    Rated R

  27. ED

    ED2 months ago

    I lovvveeeee this 😍

  28. jenni

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  29. oliwia rmmt

    oliwia rmmt2 months ago

    Big Naughty 💘

  30. q P

    q P2 months ago

    이게 ㄹㅇ ㅈ됨

  31. Romina Park

    Romina Park2 months ago

    ♥️👑H1GHR MUSIC👑♥️ 💘♥️👑JAY PARK👑♥️💘 😍😘😘😘

  32. fl0rencia

    fl0rencia2 months ago

    dios que temazO

  33. M.Tjssun

    M.Tjssun2 months ago

    첫 네 마디랑 마지막 네 마디가 좋네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  34. x c

    x c2 months ago

    Dudeeee big naughty got some pipes on himmmm. Very multifaceted.

  35. jakyung choi

    jakyung choi2 months ago

    힝 너무 좋아!

  36. Luthfi

    Luthfi2 months ago

    So Ted Park still in H1GHR?

  37. ashbeom

    ashbeom2 months ago

    우기 천재만재네요. 노래 넘 짧다 ㅠㅠ

  38. Lireni Ennio

    Lireni Ennio2 months ago

    Give me the sign whatever you wanna do🌈this line was♥️

  39. MsKarissaM

    MsKarissaM2 months ago

    Am I the only one that can see this music video as a scene in a salsa club with a major dancing scene. With “Ashley” having to choose between all the artist or all the artist having their own girl they are leaving with at the “End of the night.” I can see it so clearly.

  40. maika

    maika2 months ago

    서동현 진짜 목소리 너무 조아ㅠㅠ

  41. Jonaia Rahui

    Jonaia Rahui2 months ago

    this song feels like i’m out at the clubs for the night...without actually being out, perfect for quarantine 😔🙌

  42. NailahOneWho Succeeds

    NailahOneWho Succeeds2 months ago

    YA'LL HORMONES ON FIRE! AND YA'LL BESERK!😋😋😋😋😋🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Kay-Pop Reacts

    Kay-Pop Reacts2 months ago

    I’m down to be in this video 😂 no fr fr

  44. Kay-Pop Reacts

    Kay-Pop Reacts2 months ago

    Finally Ted Park 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. 은우

    은우2 months ago

    비트 미쳤다

  46. 김의찬

    김의찬2 months ago

    비트 진짜 미쳤다 ㄷㄷ

  47. Rocky HUANG

    Rocky HUANG2 months ago

    I'm amazed by Big Naughty again and again Jay rly konws what is called talent

  48. Rocky HUANG

    Rocky HUANG2 months ago


  49. 김현승

    김현승2 months ago

    완전 하온 비트 인데 ㅠ

  50. Ann Janette Mendez

    Ann Janette Mendez2 months ago

    Everything about this is PERFECT!

  51. Ann Janette Mendez

    Ann Janette Mendez2 months ago

    They are so talented!

  52. Bea do Twitter

    Bea do Twitter2 months ago

    My fav of the album!

  53. daw daw

    daw daw2 months ago

    All of them are skillful😍

  54. Peachy Soul

    Peachy Soul2 months ago

    wow I really love this

  55. Rimaa

    Rimaa2 months ago

    Heard this song, it's make me feel going to dance even i dont know how to dance

  56. Mohamed Errida

    Mohamed Errida2 months ago


  57. 돈없어용

    돈없어용2 months ago

    BIG Naughty ate that shit up yessir

  58. mesime

    mesime2 months ago

    It makes me wanna go clubbing and dance 'till the end of the night

  59. Susanne Töws

    Susanne Töws2 months ago

    H1GHR MUSIC is throwing all this great music in my face like...*slap*

  60. Sharon Jackson

    Sharon Jackson2 months ago

    Higher music Kings!!! Ted!! Seattle to Seoul, yes this is a freaking litt ass bop dammm!! Sha Sha!

  61. Rafh evolution

    Rafh evolution2 months ago

    I'm going crazy with Jay's voice

  62. Ayechan Wathon

    Ayechan Wathon2 months ago

    I am blessed.

  63. Faghira Syaza

    Faghira Syaza2 months ago

    Sir, we gonna need a full ass music video for this.

  64. 김예은

    김예은2 months ago

    진짜 개좋네,,

  65. Mel H

    Mel H2 months ago

    They’ve been into Latino’s beats lately and as Mexican, I love it. Did they finally notice how much Latin America loves them?

  66. Mel H

    Mel H2 months ago

    @MsKarissaM definitely !! I wish this quarantine is over, i wanna go out and dance 😭

  67. MsKarissaM

    MsKarissaM2 months ago

    Mel H I was just saying how this video would be fire in a salsa club.

  68. 김예진

    김예진2 months ago

    서동현이 찢었다

  69. nikzalucious shin

    nikzalucious shin2 months ago

    Did Jay just say he need a thickie thick???😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤I think I combusted

  70. zehra kaya

    zehra kaya2 months ago

    I could marry anyone who has followed HIGHR MUSICS CHANNEL

  71. James Or

    James Or2 months ago

    Best song on the album

  72. 이창민

    이창민2 months ago

    첨 이곡 들을때 처음부터 끝까지 소름돋음 재범이형 알앤비 앨범 하나만 더 내주세요..

  73. Mc Donalds맨너겟

    Mc Donalds맨너겟Month ago

    ㄹㅇㄹㅇㄹㅇ 진짜

  74. Somi Kim

    Somi Kim2 months ago


  75. kristina.

    kristina.2 months ago

    Yooo Ted Park, it's been a long time!

  76. An Nisaa' Intan Permatasari

    An Nisaa' Intan Permatasari2 months ago

    Good vibe to start my morning 🧚

  77. JEMMA

    JEMMA2 months ago

    This whole album is so fucking good H1GHR MUSIC FTW

  78. 녹수성

    녹수성2 months ago

    역시재범 대단해 감사해용

  79. ajie li

    ajie li2 months ago

    BIG Naughty🌒✨

  80. ;:

    ;:2 months ago

    Big naughty!!!!!!!!

  81. Zineb El

    Zineb El2 months ago

    Me: I feel sexy today Also me: * playing End Of The Night *

  82. woogie on an on

    woogie on an on2 months ago

    woogie on and on

  83. Mabok Tugas

    Mabok Tugas2 months ago

    Nice 🔥🔥🔥

  84. Asu Lee

    Asu Lee2 months ago

    역시재범 대단해요

  85. Mar

    Mar2 months ago

    The lyrics 👀

  86. Liz

    Liz2 months ago


  87. shecid colindres

    shecid colindres2 months ago

    I LOVE IT!!!!!! The beat it's just amazing and i really love the vibe of this song 😻🥰

  88. Mary Jane Parker

    Mary Jane Parker2 months ago

    Wow Ted!!! 😱 Woogie is insane This is soooooooo good! 😭😭😭

  89. Giovana Rodrigues

    Giovana Rodrigues2 months ago

    Essa música ta impecável pqp

  90. OK OK

    OK OK2 months ago


  91. 이석훈

    이석훈2 months ago

    왤케 이 비트 들을때마다 릴러말즈 아가씨가 생각나지

  92. 이석훈

    이석훈2 months ago

    @강공지주 릴러 질라도 그래도 있는데 ㅋ

  93. 강공지주

    강공지주2 months ago

    그게 멋이밴놈 혼자 아줌씨를 불렀다는 레전드곡인가요??

  94. Anjuu Thang

    Anjuu Thang2 months ago

    I have been telling these that BlueTape feels like it will cleanse my soul but I am a sinner for it

  95. yin !!!

    yin !!!2 months ago

    do h1ghr music knows what bad music is,, probably nah EVERYTHING IS FIRE

  96. Anabelsy Cordovi

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  98. Berenice 76o

    Berenice 76o2 months ago

    i'm a bad b*tch ahaha no but the song 😭🔥

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  100. huh my_life

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  102. Nancy Gamble

    Nancy Gamble2 months ago

    Ugh, love this song

  103. Aminatun Faarida

    Aminatun Faarida2 months ago

    This blue tape sure makes my heart flutter

  104. A Snow

    A Snow2 months ago

    Oooouuuu tango with this blue tape be fire 🔥💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  105. iN gOd wE tRuSt

    iN gOd wE tRuSt2 months ago

    One of my favourite tracks of the blue tape

  106. Aiman Syahmi

    Aiman Syahmi2 months ago

    H1ghr should include Ted Park more!!!

  107. syamil amirul

    syamil amirul2 months ago

    True, ted park is hella underrated