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Sik-K - RSVP (Teaser)
Sik-K 2nd LP Teaser
  1. 나연

    나연3 hours ago

    진짜 이 띵곡 많이 알아줬으면 ㅠㅠ

  2. 붕어빵

    붕어빵4 hours ago

    첨엔 띄용이었는데 아 너무 신나 스며들었어...오마이갓...

  3. seva

    seva4 hours ago

    hi i came here bcs i miss minsik af

  4. mauricio loko

    mauricio loko5 hours ago


  5. mauricio loko

    mauricio loko5 hours ago


  6. mauricio loko

    mauricio loko5 hours ago


  7. nada sofiyyah

    nada sofiyyah5 hours ago

    wHyyy this chiLlin song less than 100k vi3wssssss?

  8. J Dragon

    J Dragon5 hours ago

    What's the name of the song at 17:20 ?

  9. 47BluTv

    47BluTv6 hours ago


  10. 풍근

    풍근8 hours ago

    2년이 지난 지금 봤군여...

  11. eajhyuk

    eajhyuk9 hours ago

    This is one of Haruto’s fav song

  12. 김준혁

    김준혁10 hours ago

    날이 추워질때(졸업시즌이 다가올 때) 항상 이 곡을 들으러 오는거 같은데 들을 때마다 희망을 얻고 갑니다.

  13. SeaDaia :

    SeaDaia :12 hours ago


  14. 오늘

    오늘12 hours ago

    3:43 <<애플 광고

  15. 두람

    두람12 hours ago

    창모는 무조건 1인분 이상이네 미쳤다진짜..

  16. 왜그러냐

    왜그러냐13 hours ago

    역시 믿고 듣는 치원이형 이노래만 며

  17. 108 Samvarthana.M

    108 Samvarthana.M15 hours ago

    Jay Park: Blackpink no jennie Lisa!! I love this!!

  18. jordan michael

    jordan michael15 hours ago


  19. 다솔

    다솔15 hours ago

    진짜 이게 제일 좋음

  20. Angie Natalia

    Angie Natalia16 hours ago

    Can you make a simple bio of Phe Reds? I don't find anything about him :(

  21. winter elf

    winter elf17 hours ago

    That's a sick beat

  22. Zeta Kim

    Zeta Kim17 hours ago


  23. Butter Chimchim

    Butter Chimchim18 hours ago

    I shall be waiting

  24. Katrina Brown

    Katrina Brown19 hours ago

    Thankyou so much for sharing I love this song.its brilliant.

  25. 신의현

    신의현21 hour ago

    우깈ㅌㅌㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 고딩의 키스가 궁금한 나이

  26. Sekka

    Sekka21 hour ago

    When your boss is hanging out on a street at night with buddies lol

  27. Genius Suga!

    Genius Suga!21 hour ago

    when I first heard the first part it gave me cuco vibes but other than that this song is amazing <3

  28. 카랑코에

    카랑코에22 hours ago

    노래 좋당

  29. ana maria vargas castillo

    ana maria vargas castilloDay ago

    Jay eres el hombre de mis ojos

  30. grey denim.

    grey denim.Day ago


  31. ana maria vargas castillo

    ana maria vargas castilloDay ago

    "Cause we winning winning winning winning winning Everyday we on a champagne diet" YEEEEES

  32. ana maria vargas castillo

    ana maria vargas castilloDay ago

    De mis preferidas de este álbum !!

  33. ana maria vargas castillo

    ana maria vargas castilloDay ago

    lo amoooooooooooo

  34. ana maria vargas castillo

    ana maria vargas castilloDay ago

    You should make a video clip

  35. ana maria vargas castillo

    ana maria vargas castilloDay ago

    Yeeees i love it!

  36. sound like guitar

    sound like guitarDay ago

    블루가 제 취향인게 훨씬 많았네요. 진작에 전부 다들어볼걸 시간에 쫒겨살아서 엄두를 못냈었는데 다 듣길 잘했네요.

  37. sound like guitar

    sound like guitarDay ago

    레드 블루 통틀어 제일 좋다. 우디고 차일드님 목소리 톤이랑 랩스타일 쇼미6 때 취향이 아니여서 다신 안들을 줄 알았는데 하온님 빅팬이여서 계속 하이어 노래 찾아 듣다가 레드컴필 블루컴필에서 취향마저 뒤엎은 우디형님을 보았다.

  38. monalisa carido

    monalisa caridoDay ago

    I've seen kim hye yoon so i click this video

  39. monalisa carido

    monalisa caridoDay ago


  40. Blue

    BlueDay ago

    lol i suddenly remember pH-1 as a dance instructor

  41. sungkiki mauro

    sungkiki mauroDay ago

    ㅆㅣ발 아직 가지마...........

  42. Cacamoli

    CacamoliDay ago

    아 맨날 차타면서 이노래 듣는데 랩부분이랑 마지막 부분이 개쩔더라니,,,,크러쉬 피쳐링이구나ㅎㅎ 식케이의 역작이다

  43. Toso Mahone

    Toso MahoneDay ago

    I'm just gonna Woodie Gochild.😩❤I mean

  44. Kathleen Romera

    Kathleen RomeraDay ago

    I don't know why but this song makes me more happy 😄. When my overthinking come again, i always hear this song and makes my other side coming 😂😂

  45. toeyoni토요니

    toeyoni토요니Day ago

    언제들어도 좋은 노래 🌷

  46. 켄타우르su근육

    켄타우르su근육Day ago

    3:00 ㅓㅜ..놀래라

  47. Jimin Stan

    Jimin StanDay ago

    Oh my God this song gives me goose bumps

  48. eb ws

    eb wsDay ago

    Higher gang gang그르르르라

  49. 올리비아

    올리비아Day ago

    서동현 ㄹㅇ 개좋다

  50. Camilla Marie Peterson

    Camilla Marie PetersonDay ago

    This music high key slaps!!! I look forward to future music from H1GHR MUSIC. Y'all are on 🔥 🔥 🔥. All of your are talented!!

  51. 일렉트

    일렉트Day ago

    그야말로 사기캐

  52. 눈누난나

    눈누난나Day ago

    설마 아직 보겠어

  53. 김기현

    김기현Day ago

    정말 거짓말 안치고 국힙..... 하면 김하온 ㄷㄷ

  54. Raysen

    RaysenDay ago

    ваааааа, это так круто и клип и песня, я в восторге

  55. MeU

    MeUDay ago




    Asian hip-hop and r&b Facebook group. Feel free to join. facebook.com/groups/878688042477337/?ref=share

  57. 박해리보

    박해리보Day ago

    사랑스럽다는 표현이 진짜 잘어울리는사람,,,,🧡🧡

  58. 현승조

    현승조Day ago


  59. dbs wl

    dbs wlDay ago

    피치원 어떻게 사람 목소리가 저렇게 달콤할 수가 있지 미쳤어 너무 달콤해 노래가

  60. Princess Elani

    Princess ElaniDay ago

    That’s my Jay Jay!!!

  61. 임모탄 쬬

    임모탄 쬬Day ago

    VVS듣고 떠올라서 왔다

  62. sicheng simp

    sicheng simpDay ago

    Wow uhm, i came here because spotify was like "yeah, here you go. Listen to it" and now here i am

  63. AGUST A

    AGUST ADay ago

    Not me being hyped because Woody Gochild said "record breaker Usain" being Jamaican and all

  64. furuyakeifu

    furuyakeifuDay ago

    Golden sounds kinda like that G soul guy??

  65. Esteban Ocampo

    Esteban OcampoDay ago

    Im mexican and i dont know what they sayin and try learn language for it. So i love it like💯💯👍🙌🙌🙌🙏✨✨✨✨✨ keep it up yall what ya doing from usa north Carolina sanford nc plus unc chapel hill(my hometown)🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏✨✨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. Glady Rañola

    Glady RañolaDay ago

    Haechan brought me here 😅🥰

  67. Adèle SERY

    Adèle SERYDay ago

    Trade-L killed it here, definitely my favourite part !

  68. Akara V.

    Akara V.Day ago

    This beat hits hard!!!

  69. illinng

    illinngDay ago

    identical bit with princess nokia - i like him... who took from whom (

  70. Mel H

    Mel HDay ago

    I need a car to drive myself to the beach and watch the sunset. Aaaah I wish so bad, thank you Woogie 🥰



    RIP Drako! This video is dope

  72. maay gomez

    maay gomez2 days ago

    big naugthy realmente tiene talento , su voz es hermosa, me encanta AMO ESTA CANCION ! THIS SONG, GIVES ME PEACE GREAT TALENT- FIGHTING FIGHTING

  73. Sineidal

    Sineidal2 days ago

    This song is simple yet cool at the same time. 😎

  74. Sana Bakkoush

    Sana Bakkoush2 days ago

    the fact that yall brought out rain for this😭

  75. 화났직

    화났직2 days ago

    이건 다시봐도 Big Naughty가 잘하네

  76. Keri85

    Keri852 days ago

    I can’t stop listening to this song! Someone help! Anyway everyone is amazing, Jay Park did an awesome job with all these guys on his label! Shout out to the teenagers spitting 🔥

  77. Salsabila Khairunnisa

    Salsabila Khairunnisa2 days ago

    i don't know who he is, but i kinda like this song's vibe , i mean i really like it :)